I live in a small house of 40 square metres

A home renovation professional made life in her tiny 40sqm home look enviable thanks to some clever design.

The creative placement of doors and windows gave this place the impression of being much larger than it actually was.

TikTok user Kara is renovating buildings with her partner KyalCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara
They have mastered the art of living in a small spaceCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara

They also had the effect of flooding this property with light. You will not find any dark and narrow spaces in this building.

The idea came from Kara Demrich (@kyalandkara), who with her partner Kyal renovates buildings in Australia.

Together, they’ve mastered the art of living in a small space and offer some tips gleaned from their experience.

“Small spaces don’t have to be boring,” Cara said in her post. “So here are five tips on how to make the most of living in a small space.”

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First were the sliding doors: “They stack right into a recess, so when they’re open, it really feels like the outside is connected to the inside.”

The windows were placed high, an important design feature she believed in.

“It gives the illusion of more space and there is a lot of natural light.”

The kitchen area was all smooth lines with room for everything.

“We have a small kitchen here with integrated appliances such as a fridge and dishwasher drawer, meaning we can pack a lot into a small space.”

Everything has been considered in this tiny house, including storage, which is often an issue in small homes.

“We also used the high ceilings for storage and ran the cabinets all the way to the top,” Kara explained.

“In the bathroom, we used a skylight instead of a window which means no wall space is used but also helps with ventilation.”

There were no internal doors in its design, choosing an open-plan design instead.

“The room is only separated by this big black-out curtain, which means we can open it directly or close it.”

Her post received 39,000 likes, with many commenters saying they could only dream of a house like theirs.

One person said: “Can you please design my house, this is exactly what I want.”

Another person liked: “This is so beautiful and such a great use of space I especially like the inside-out feel. Goals.”

A third breathlessly responded: “This is absolute perfection.” Design, layout and aesthetic.

The stacked sliding doors gave the illusion of much more spaceCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara
Their window design brought more light into the houseCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara
Maximize storage space, Kara saidCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara
They went to the skylights in their bathroomCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara
They said: Choose an open designCredit: TikTok/Kyalandkara

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