“I left my husband for the guy next door – my neighbors are more upset than him”

A woman who had an affair and left her husband was taken off the street, as she shared the story of her nightmarish neighbor as her ex-boyfriends blocked her number and stopped people from seeing her.

Woman says treatment towards her feels like ‘unfair punishment’ (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

Having a close support network of neighbors is essential for many when they move to a new home, for families with children of the same age or for someone who unpacks boxes when on holiday. That is, until the fence-based way of living is disturbed by scandalous drama, so bad, that it feels as if the entire area has been caught up in the wind.

This is exactly what happened when a woman had an affair and eloped with her neighbour, who also happened to be the partner of a close friend. The woman left her troubled husband and eight-year-old son, and despite her good relationship with her ex-partner, society now appears to be far less tolerant, to the point where one couple banned their daughter from playing with her son.

The drama-filled confession was shared with “Dear Prudence,” an anonymous advice column run by Slate that features hundreds of people writing in to share their dilemmas. From cheating affairs to family feuds and housing issues, nothing is left untouched.

The woman shared her ordeal in the column to explain how her relationship made her the talking point of the entire street, and that her antics broke up her relationship with a very unsurprising husband, despite her split from the cheating couple. She said: “My problem is with our other neighbours, the Barclays. My eight-year-old son is best friends with their nine-year-old daughter and she usually lives at our house after school. Since my relationship, they have refused to talk to me and have forbidden their daughter from being in our house when I am there.” “.

She then explains that the couple had gone so far as to block and delete her number, apparently severing all ties with her. When she approached the couple to ask why, they said they believed she had completely betrayed their friendship with her affair, even though there was no involvement in it.

The woman says she believes their disgust stems from a personal background of infidelity that tore apart their relationship. She said: “I agree that I cheated on my partner’s wife; we were friends. But hmm? The interesting thing is that Mr Barclay has been having an affair for five years. I believe their silent treatment stems from Mrs Barclay’s misplaced anger at her husband (she also avoids… The woman he slept with).”

Desperate to get back on terms, for the sake of her eight-year-old son and their daughter’s close friendship, the woman turned to Dear Prudence for support, asking if there was anything she could do to help them “reverse their course”. “From the ruling.

The hurt aunt said that their treatment of her was unfair, saying, “I’m sorry you’re being treated like an outcast because of your marital problems (I’m a little sorry for your husband, but I’m glad) to hear he’s okay!). This must seem really terrible, especially when you know that the people doing the judging have their own problems. But the children have to come first here.”

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