I have flown to thousands of destinations as cabin crew

Every time I meet someone new and they find out I’m a flight attendant, I get asked the same question: “What’s the best place you’ve been?”

People are usually shocked when I tell them my answer, they expect the place to be tropical like the Maldives or Thailand.

This week I’m talking about my love of UK holidays and why I don’t like traveling further afield

But for me, no place can hold a candle to the UK – it’s the perfect place for a holiday and I think Brits don’t realize how lucky they are.

In this week’s Sun Online Travel blog, I’ll reveal why I think it’s better to stay at home than go away – and why most Brits don’t appreciate what they have.

Being in my job, you tend to get a bit bored of spending a lot of time on planes, and when there’s so much to explore at home, I find it’s better not to travel abroad at all.

Even with deeply discounted staff fares, flights can be really expensive, so it’s best to save that money and put it toward purchasing unique accommodation somewhere and making the most of what’s on offer nearby.

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Some of my favorite places include the north of Scotland, the Lake District and historic cities like Bath and York.

Earlier this year, I stayed in a log cabin in Sherwood Forest, which had an outdoor hot tub and was nestled among the trees, surrounded by nature.

People travel far and wide to have experiences like this, but for us, it’s close to our doorstep, relatively speaking.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is hearing tourists speak fondly of the UK on their return trips to their home countries.

Americans in particular are amazed by how beautiful parts of the UK are.

I’ve had several conversations with people on their way home to the US after a holiday in the UK where they’ve told me how lucky I am to be near so many great sights.

And they are absolutely right.

I’ve been flying all over the world for a living for the past decade, visiting cities, countryside and beaches here, there and everywhere.

From my extensive experience, I can confidently say that the UK has places that match it all, and then some.

During the summer, beaches in the Southwest, and even the Northeast, can rival those in places people pay thousands to get to.

Meanwhile, Scotland, the Lake District and the Peak District have some stunning landscapes that are much better than those in other countries.

When it comes to cities, we have a unique feel to them that you don’t get in other countries.

A lot of cities across Europe and America are similar to each other and could be anywhere.

But each different place in the UK has its own mix of character, local history and attractions that make them distinct from each other.

You can tell whether you’re in Bath or Brighton, while places in other countries are much less distinctive.

What’s more, traveling home is much less stressful when holidaying in the UK.

Sometimes it can just be a short car ride or a pleasant train ride, which is always much nicer than a long flight.

There is no adjusting to different time zones, no cramped cabins in economy class planes for hours on end, and certainly no waiting at airports for baggage.

I always hate having to do this, especially at the end of a holiday and I’m never sure why people are in such a rush to subject themselves to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and have seen some amazing places all over the world.

But every time I see row after row of angry holidaymakers boarding a flight home, I can’t help but think about how they wouldn’t have felt if they had stayed in the UK.

They can be home already, with a cup of tea in their hands, washing their clothes in the washing machine and not worrying at all about getting home from the airport.

Meanwhile, this is the vacation destination that most hosts agree is overrated.

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There is no going through airports when staying home for the holidaysCredit: Getty

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