I finally got a passport, now what about a Washington state DUI?

“The most popular state that Washingtonians visit is our neighbor to the north.”Canada“.” Now that’s new Passport Office It was opened in Yakima And more the people Passports are being obtained, and people are getting together Criminal convictions They want to know which countries they will be allowed to visit.

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I finally got a passport, now how about this Washington state DUI


…except when it comes to Americans whose past DUI/DUIor Negligent driving crimes On their criminal background.

It’s simple, don’t drink and drive. However, many Americans make stupid mistakes and drive after drinking too much alcohol. If they are caught and convicted, they face enormous shame for the rest of their lives, they go to prison, they face fines, and… they have a very difficult time trying to travel to Canada (and oftentimes Mexico, Australia, South Africa, and Iran). United Arab Emirates, Japan, Qatar and Malaysia).

In Canada, such convictions are taken into account Felony crimesvs Serious misdemeanors in America. It is very disappointing that we have these particular convictions Lurking forever On your rap list (in Canada, it’s 80) and you’re lumped in the same criminal sphere with rapists, murderers and con artists.

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Even since before Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act updates the law in 2018, which made past and future drunk driving a crime, trying to cross the Canadian border meant spending hundreds of dollars to pay fees, petition consulates, and request personal criminal background checks. From the states I lived in to the FBI, the stress.

The frustrating part about all of this is that you can go to all the trouble to get the necessary papers, only to be vulnerable to the whim of a Border Patrol officer who might Still Prevents you from entering when the Canadian quarter falls.

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Can you visit Canada with a DUI? Maybe, but first you have to fill out a large amount of paperwork

Traveling to Canada after a DUI


Even if you don’t plan to drive to Canada, if you have a previous DUI, you must gather a lot of paperwork. It must be submitted to the Canadian Border Patrol or customs agent, or mailed to the United States Consulate. Since this process is extremely tedious and wait times can last up to a year, some American travelers resort to spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to help them expedite the collection of all required documents. They may also ask an immigration lawyer to write a Canadian legal opinion letter on their behalf.

If you have a past DUI, negligent driving, or related driving convictions in the United States, you will first need to submit a Criminal Rehabilitation Form and Temporary Resident Permit. You will also need copies of personal statement letters from you, your employer or personal contacts, and an itinerary detailing why you are visiting Canada in the first place. You must also declare the intended length of your stay and why border guards should show you any mercy.

Don’t lose hope if you are trying to visit Canada

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I’m sure it’s inhumane to want to visit a country that tells you you’re not “good enough” to visit due to past mistakes like a DUI, but fortunately, some Americans do. Found the loophole Which allows them to visit Canada. We hope you can choose a beautiful country that will welcome you with open arms. Check out the list of these countries below.

Countries you can visit if you have a DUI

You should always plan to declare your criminal history to Border Patrol agents in any country when asked to do so.

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