I Clean Celebrity Homes – 2 Products I Swear By to Make Bathrooms Perfect and Why I Never Use Microfiber Cloths in Bathrooms

A professional cleaner has revealed the two products she sticks to when cleaning celebrity homes.

The Kent-based woman uploaded a video on how she doesn’t have to go without expensive cleaning products, and the two get the job done just fine.

A professional cleaner has revealed she uses two products to leave bathrooms sparklingCredit: tiktok@diamondgemcleaning/
She uses white vinegar and Mr. Sheen as her favorite ingredients

“I’ve been a professional cleaner for over 10 years and cleaned for some famous people,” she shared on her account @diamondgemcleaning.

I shared how you simply need some white vinegar and some Mr. Sheen spray.

First you need to spray the shower glass and all chrome items such as faucets and sinks with white vinegar.

After she scrubbed it off, she then used Mr. Sheen spray on top and wiped it off with a dry cloth.

“Mr. Sheen, try chrome or mirrors, they’re my favorite thing,” said the cleaner, who at one point employed seven people and cleaned about 60 to 70 homes a week.

the next She got up and went to the toilet – she said she never uses microfiber cloths on them.

“I don’t think they’re very hygienic,” the cleaner explained.

Then she gets on her hands and knees and cleans the floor using disinfectant.

The celebrity housekeeper explains that she only uses “really essential” products rather than skimping on expensive ones.

She also swears by using bar soap with white vinegar.

“This won’t scratch the chrome, it won’t scratch the glass, it won’t damage the sink, it just leaves everything really shiny,” the cleaner previously said.

Soap pads, which can be sold for as little as 90p in some online stores, help quickly get rid of dirt and residue on household items.

While filming herself using the scrubbing tool, she says, “I’m using it on all this chrome.

“Don’t forget the shower part here.

“I use it on radiators.

“This won’t scratch, it just leaves everything shiny.”

The cleaner then photographed the end results which was a sparkling faucet.

She adds: “I use a lot of clothes and this is what I did to achieve these results.

“I just wiped off the excess in the bathrooms.

“My clients are really happy with the results.”

She said Mr. Sheen is perfect for chrome and mirrors in bathroomsCredit: tiktok@diamondgemcleaning/
The cleaners company cleans about 60 to 70 homes a weekCredit: tiktok@diamondgemcleaning/

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