I built my tiny 20-foot house for $15,100

One homeowner shared how she built her own tiny home for just over $15,100.

More people are turning to tiny homes to avoid rising home prices and expensive mortgages.

TikToker built a tiny home for just over $15,100Credit: tiktok/beautyandbabuilder
She said she kept costs low by doing much of the work herselfCredit: tiktok/beautyandbabuilder

In order to keep housing costs lower, some people chose to build their own small homes.

On TikTok, Tiffany (@beautyandabuilder) has documented the process of building her tiny home over the past three years.

In one video, she breaks down the costs of the project and explains that she was able to keep her expenses low by doing most of the work herself with the help of her father.

Now that she is ready to move to a new location, she has calculated all her costs and finds that she spent $15,162.70 to complete the project.

This total includes everything from the flooring and baseboards to the kitchen sink and shower.

Not only did Tiffany get the “best stuff” for the house, she said, she even recycled some of the materials, which helped keep costs down.

She was over her $15,000 budget, but lumber prices had started to skyrocket at the start of the construction process so she had to adjust costs.

Tiffany said the most expensive piece of all is the £14,000 20-foot trailer the house sits in, which costs $4,600.

I’ve listed some other options I looked at for the trailer, including one for $3,795.

The only thing she had left to buy for the house was furniture, which she said could cost another $5,000.

Despite the direct cost, Tiffany said that living in a tiny house would save her money in the long run.

“If you are thinking of building your own tiny home, definitely do so because you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run through rent and mortgages,” she said.

Helpful homeowners

Fellow tiktoker Stan (@StanWilkins11) is still in the process of building his dream little home.

The spacious home has high ceilings that make it appear larger than it really is.

In the living room, there is a large L-shaped partition and a full entertainment system.

There is still some work to be done in the kitchen, including the cupboards and worktops.

“The vaults I’m still working on,” TikToker said. “I drew these…I’m going to make the countertops the same height.”

He said he needed to finish painting and decorating all over the house and painting the bathroom as well.

For those who are not within the reach of these two homeowners, they may want to consider a small home community.

Or they can buy their own tiny home, like this one from The Home Depot, for just $8,000.

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