I build hobbit holes for your garden

MIDDLE Earth has been brought to backyards where one man learned how to build realistic Hobbit Holes.

Bilbo Baggins would be jealous of the homes Matt Wright and his company have built in backyards all over the world.

Matt Wright is a Tolkien fan who started a business building Hobbit Holes in people’s gardensCredit: SWNS
The tiny houses are made from recycled plastic, require no foundation to build, and can last up to 125 yearsCredit: SWNS
Wright first built a house in his own yard, and used it for his wedding, before turning it into a businessCredit: SWNS

Hobbit House Ltd is a British company created by Wright in 2017.

The idea comes from the race of fictional characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series, the hobbits, who are about half the size of an average human but live twice as long.

In the books, they live in small houses, made of earthen materials dug into the ground, affectionately called Hobbitholes.

Wright’s designs are fully consistent with the design of the original dwellings.

It requires no traditional foundation and uses recycled plastic to produce high-density polyethylene for most construction.

Each home can be equipped with electricity and water, allowing buyers to customize it to their needs.

Each house comes with a large circular door and a grass roof to retain the hideout and earthy look that Hobbit Holes were designed for.

Homes range in price, from just under $10,000 to over $70,000.

Wright has his own hobbit house built in his backyard.

“My partner and I are getting married this summer at our house, so we will actually be using it as a bar that day,” he said in an interview.

His building was constructed before he started his business.

“Once I built it, I had friends saying they wanted one and a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to turn it into a business and I think these designs are really unique,” ​​Wright explained.

Trouble in the Shire

Last year, the businessman faced losing his job from his primary profession as a firefighter with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

After launching a cat hotel business with his wife, Wright decided to shift to part-time work as a firefighter in 2017.

His request to change to working only two nights a week was denied, and he was dismissed from the position altogether.

“(He) would rather look for a solution than have to give up the job entirely,” Wright explained in his initial application.

The committee found it impossible to meet this request.

He applied again in 2019 and was rejected again and resigned, claiming he was being “subjected to unreasonable and unfair treatment.”

Wright later sued, citing unfair dismissal and breach of contract, in court in which a judge ruled against him.

Judge Robert Clarke said: “There is an irony in this case, in that it appeared at various stages that Mr Wright himself was somewhat inflexible in his flexible working request, and that his request was seen as outweighing the needs and considerations of the service.”

It’s not clear if Wright is still selling Hobbit Houses because the company’s website is inactive.

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