“I banned my sister’s child from entering our house – she has many problems.”

A woman’s opinions have been divided after she banned her foster niece from her home because she was “too annoying”. She explained how her sister, Aria, had been fostering an eight-year-old girl named Grace for about a year with the intention of one day adopting her.

However, Grace has been causing problems within the family, as she tries to learn how to deal with her emotions after being removed from a toxic environment. “Aria and her husband Dan have been fostering for two years with the goal of one day adopting, a decision they made when they found out Aria couldn’t have biological children,” the 31-year-old mother told Reddit.

“Grace has behavioral issues, we already knew that because Aria mentioned it but honestly I wasn’t quite prepared. Tantrums, bullying other kids, bad language, bad behavior with pets in the house, possessive behavior, you name it, Grace.” He showed it. “I know this can be the case with traumatized children, so we tried to let a lot of things slide while Aria and Dan tried to help Grace cope, but it was difficult and unpleasant.”

She went on to explain how Grace came to their house to play at the weekend, but left her six-year-old crying after she “bullied” her and broke her playhouse. She added: “My other siblings and I began to dread these encounters because it seemed we didn’t have a single event without Grace causing trouble. Even my parents were fed up.”

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“The last straw for me was last weekend. My husband and I hosted a family BBQ at our house. My daughter and Grace were playing in my daughter’s playhouse until she came out upset. It turned out that Grace had broken a bunch of things in the house when she was asked why she was upset,” Grace burst into tears and accused my daughter of bullying her, calling her dirty, unwanted, stupid, poor, and all sorts of things that are all lies.

“My daughter is six years old, and she doesn’t have enough of an understanding of why those words would hurt Grace for her to use them. My daughter’s version of events is that Grace said something about the girls being cousins ​​and my daughter said that Grace isn’t her ‘cousin’ because she’s not Aria’s daughter.” He condemned. “I can understand how this would upset Grace but it is a completely different story to the one she told and no amount of hurt can justify the devastation she has caused.”

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