I alternate between living in a tent and planning my dream tiny house

One adventure involved her being stuck living in a tent while planning her tiny dream house in the rugged mountains.

Tammy was eager to live on her two-acre property in Colorado year-round, but local laws were a major hurdle.

Enthusiastic adventurer Tammy had been discussing her original tiny home project on YouTube – but the mum decided its small size wouldn’t be practical for her growing family.Credit: YouTube/Soul Forest
While waiting for her condo to be built, Tammy lived in a tent during the summer at her home in Denver, ColoradoCredit: YouTube/Soul Forest

The mother has intrigued viewers for years with her exploits in the wilderness, as she battles Denver bureaucracy in the middle of a bear-infested area.

Tammy shares the good and bad times on her YouTube channel, called Spirit Forest.

She explained that she initially had to live in a tent on her two-acre property in the summer only, due to local planning rules.

“I’ve thought about (buying) a tent (to live in) in the winter — a tent that I can’t be in in the winter,” Tammy said.

“However, there are laws in my area, and the laws prevent me from having a tent unless I have a dwelling — a dwelling means a house.

“I don’t have a house on my land.

“My land is currently two acres…so I have a tent and I’m limited on how long I can keep it up.

“Again, this is the law, I can’t do anything about it. The tent also doesn’t last in the winter.

“It can’t handle the snow load we get here — we can get up to 20 inches of snow at one time. That would destroy my tent.”

“I thought about putting a metal roof, but I can’t do that either because there are too many rules here.”

small house

The mother said that until her desire to build a little house was fulfilled, her summer residence was my tent, 14 feet by 16 feet, with an eight-foot deck with a tarp on top.

She said she enjoyed the “adventure” of her lifestyle and being away from the city, “plus it’s cooler in the mountains.”

Although she “loves bears,” Tammy said she always sleeps with bear spray and mace for protection, because these creatures live nearby.

More recently, her videos showed her gradually building a small dwelling on the site.

But plans to build a tiny house disappeared because they were too impractical and expensive, she recently told viewers.

In addition, she would have had to deal with more bureaucracy, and stricter rules to try to adhere to.

So I continued to live in a tent while a two-story hut was built instead.

She explained: “It was originally going to be a one-bedroom apartment on one floor.

“My original idea was that this would be a tiny house, really tiny, just what you need.

“Then I started thinking maybe a loft would be nice because my kids could come in.”

Then she realized she needed a “gear room” for all her stuff including her kayak, mountain bike, and electric bike.

Tammy said it occurred to her that a tiny house “wasn’t going to be a good investment,” so she ended up gradually building a cabin.

“I like to challenge myself,” she said.

Out of network coverage

When she started building the tiny home on the property, viewers advised her to emulate others who had also built off-grid tiny homes.

But Tammy reiterated that she lives in a “completely different area” to others who also live an alternative lifestyle, “and there are a lot of rules here, I have to get permits for everything.”

In a later episode, a poignant video shows Tammy crying as she grapples with the long construction project, as she admits that there were days when she wondered about her alternative lifestyle among the trees.

“I’ve been wondering, what should I do?”

However, viewers flocked to boost her confidence, with one writing in the comments: “Anyone who has built their own place knows that plans change many times before the end.

“It’s better and cheaper to make changes before building. You did the right thing.”

Another wrote: “You are doing a great job. Whatever it is an investment, it will be your dream.”

“Thanks for the inspiration.”

Tammy shared her tent lifestyle with viewers on YouTube, via her Spirit Forest channelCredit: YouTube/Soul Forest
She originally hoped to build a small house, but there were too many problems, so she built a cabin insteadCredit: YouTube/Soul Forest
At first, Tammy said, she was only able to live in a tent on the two-acre site during the summer because of local rulesCredit: YouTube/Soul Forest
She said she always sleeps with bear spray and mace due to the threat of an attackCredit: YouTube/Soul Forest

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