How travel rentals have become more interesting

For those eager to hit the open road, a vacation in a converted gas station may be the perfect home away from home. Or for explorers wanting to get away from it all, an old lumber mill in the mountains could be the perfect getaway. With a range of unique and unique vacation rentals, such as gas stations and log cabins, the Curated Collection x Eclectic Escapes by Marriott Bonvoy It is part of the brand’s growing collection, under the Homes and Villas umbrella. Travelers can book one of more than 130,000 distinctive luxury homes located around the world, including a redesigned gas station in Schulenburg, Texas, and a 1797 log mill in Jonesboro, Tennessee.

The brand specializes in luxury villas large enough for extended families, found in destinations from Orlando, Florida, to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. But to add a special touch to your stay, Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy also offers a selection of one-of-a-kind properties in its curated collection. Located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, for example, travelers can sleep in a converted American school bus. While in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee there is a unique Smoky Mountain station cabin. Dating back to 1916, this charming CSX caboose sleeps four in two bedrooms and has its own ticket booth. The caboose is connected to a European-inspired replica train depot that houses the master suite and access to the spa deck.

By offering flexibility, privacy, and the opportunity to virtually “live” in a destination, home rentals are a growing market for adventurers. Here, exclusively for Forbes, Jennifer Hsieh, Vice President of Homes & Villas at Marriott Bonvoy, talks more about the growing home-from-home trend.

What is the ethos of Marriott Bonvoy Homes & Villas?

The brand offers a global collection of rental homes curated to the same high standards that Marriott Bonvoy guests have come to trust. We can accommodate any event or gathering where privacy, space, style and flexibility are important, especially for memorable group travel experiences.

What can these properties offer that a luxury hotel brand cannot?

We believe home rentals continue to be a desirable accommodation option for travelers, and Marriott Bonvoy Homes and Villas complement our hotel business by offering more choices across more destinations for our guests.

There are trips where more space, multiple bedrooms and/or more remote locations are ideally suited to a home rental. Many of our guests, who travel with large groups of friends or family, are looking for the feeling of togetherness that a home can provide. Other trip purposes are more suitable for hotel stays, such as an overnight business trip, a weekend in the city for sightseeing, or a vacation at an all-inclusive resort. We’ve seen guests combine their home rentals with hotel stays in the same trip, and book longer vacations with Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy.

Having Homes and Villas by Marriott Bonvoy in our portfolio means that our guests, looking for more privacy or space for a large group trip, now have a choice within the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio. What’s more, they can also earn points on their stay to use elsewhere in our portfolio for a future trip.

Why do you think the luxury rental market is an up-and-coming trend in travel?

We see luxury travelers looking for privacy first and foremost, as well as more space. Our rental homes are also located in interesting and remote destinations – places sought after by luxury travelers, where traditional hotels are not typically found. Some of our luxury rentals also offer personal concierge services and the ability to have personal staff on-site, whether that’s a professional chef or butler service.

What is the most booming market for real estate and why?

Since July 2022, five cities in Europe are in our top 10 booked destinations, due to huge demand for European travel from consumers. These cities include: Paris, Florence, Rome, London, and Barcelona. We continue to grow our portfolio across Europe and Asia as well, providing more options to meet the growing demand of these travellers.

Where are you expanding and why?

Since launching in 2019, Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy has grown from 2,000 homes to over 130,000 homes and has entered new markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Japan. Earlier this year, we launched our project in India, adding more than 500 luxury homes. We are always looking for new destinations and properties to meet the needs of our members and guests.

Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations for families. What can Home & Villa by Marriott offer a visitor in Orlando?

Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy offers a multitude of home rentals in the Orlando market that go above and beyond for our guests. For example, one of our home rental properties has a digital concierge service that allows guests to purchase Disney tickets, order groceries, and more, all at guests’ fingertips. We also have some fun properties with Disney themed rooms. Children can sleep in it Frozen– Themed bunk beds or enjoy a superhero-themed playroom. It’s true that Orlando is a market that attracts a lot of family groups. Sometimes these services are multi-generational, so renting a home can offer more space and flexibility, as well as offering options for children or guests with special needs, than staying in a hotel.

What are some rewards for staying at a Marriott Bonvoy hotel?

Every home listed on our website must include the following standards of design, quality and safety: 24/7 in-residence support; Professionally managed and cleaned homes; Premium linens and amenities; Strict standards when it comes to safety, service and a simple booking experience. In short, we take pride in offering our guests expertly curated homes of high standards.

What are your favorite properties?

I love when we curate unique and unusual properties on the platform. One of my favorites is Lake Te Kahu in the Otago region of New Zealand. The house includes interesting architecture and stunning views in a remote and scenic area. One of my favorite properties is located opposite the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia and has an infinity pool and a sauna. There is also great access to your own private beach. We also offer a historic villa in Cannes, France, the elegant former home of Estée Lauder, which enjoys stunning views of the Cannes waterfront.

One of the most unusual properties on the platform is the Water Tower House, located in Seal Beach, California, and featuring 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. The interior of the tower is filled with authentic artefacts and information about its history. Families with children can enjoy the challenge of finding 12 hidden house mascot figures!

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