How to trade memories in order to boost stats with the Mirror of Loss in Baldur's Gate 3

How to trade memories in order to boost stats with the Mirror of Loss in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 It has limited options for increasing permanent stats, and some are a little more complex than others. The Mirror of Loss, for example, is a unique way of adjusting stats that doesn't require a great deal of compromise, forethought, and general intelligence to utilize.

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Located in the Chamber of Loss, the deepest part of the House of Sorrow in Baldur's Gate, you will need to complete the Shadowheart quest to a certain extent to access it. If you're not beholden to your memories and have a cool curse removal spell, this might be the thing for you.

What does a loss mirror do?

When the Mirror is activated successfully and correctly, the Loss Mirror can change your statistics by Reduce one stat by two points and increase another by the same amount.

Your stats are down It appears as a curseMeaning you can Removed negative stat loss With the curse removal spell Get 2 points in any stats for free.

If you have read Necromancy of Thay, you can trade your knowledge from this book and gain two stat points. Fooling the mirror with a fake memory does not give you any stat points.

Detailed preview of Gale's character with 22 Intelligence after using the Mirror of Loss

Each member of your group can activate the mirror and Get its benefits once. Every use after the first time (per character) will only give you a curse, not a blessing.

but, Clergy of Seloni (Like Path of Light Shadowheart). It has a flaw When using a mirror.

so you
Stats cannot be increased above 24.

How do I activate Mirror Loss?

Gail highlights the debt validation dialogue option when facing the mirror of loss

To activate the loss mirror you must Pass a series of tests to identify it first. You must pass A Religion (DC20) and Arcana (DC25) To open the mirror for use. these This should only be done once.

After activating the mirror, you can give it your memories, but you will not receive any gifts. To receive grace from the mirror, Each character must pass their Religion check (DC25) to pray before the mirror.

You just get One chance to pray To the mirror for every personality. If your character fails, they will be forever banned from the benefits of the mirror.

Gale is given the option to lose stats from the Loss Mirror

If you pass the prayer check, then… The character who passed can now submit their memories. You can submit Any stats of your choice As long as you don't get a score of 8.

Every memory is In order of the six statistics:


Provide memories of your strength – the times you triumphed, thanks to your raw power.


Abandon the memories of your youth, when your heart was free of worry and your limbs were graceful.


Let go of memories of stability and well-being, when your body and mind withstand all challenges.


Surrender to valuable knowledge derived from books, manuscripts, tablets… words that left a mark on your mind – but nothing more.


Let go of some of the wisdom that time has given you – old wounds, touching lessons, and fond memories alike.


Cast away the memories of the times when your magic stood before you – the applause of the swayers, the smiles of the enchanted, the kisses of the seducers.

If you forget which stats you want to provide, you can use the character selection at the bottom left and change the characters. Next, examine the character speaking using the mirror to update their stats.

The player faces the Mirror of Loss and chooses a basic dialogue option to gain stat points in power

Once you submit the stats of your choice, you will be given a random memory. After that, you should be given Option to choose which stats you wish to boost. They are listed in the same order as before:


Gain memories of power from a long-dead general, who marched under the banner of a vanished kingdom.


Help yourself relive the memories of the exploits of the most daring veteran thief.


Seize the memories of the barbarian, whose mind and body were hardened against hardship.


Obtain the secrets of the wizard who once haunted the Candlekeep Library.


Turn to the wisdom of the Dru. Once from Lulata, then from Shar.


Warm to the cunning of the bard who can charm even a dragon.

There have been several reports of A
Eavesdropping Mirror of Loss
Just the fuck and no reward. This issue was mostly fixed in the first official patch, but there is still a chance it could happen and it happened to our staff during testing after three successful uses of the mirror.

If you have confirmed that a) your character has never received a blessing before and b) that he or she passes the Religion check when praying in front of a mirror, the surefire solution to this error is to exit to the desktop and reload the game.

How to remove the mirror curse

The Cleric player prepares to cast a curse on Astarion after he uses the Mirror of Loss

When you finish the mirror, you will see it You have a curse attached to you. This is the Remove two points from your stats.

Use a curse removal spell On that character, and your The decreasing law will return to normal. Your stat boost will not change, always giving you +2 to a stat of your choice! You can now exit the House of Grief feeling strong enough to take on the God of Murder – or something like that.

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