How to find the castle candles and golden curtain in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

After opening the secret passage to the library in the Beauty and the Beast world at Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s time to meet the Beast himself! Well almost. First, you’ll have to help Belle collect materials to make a new outfit for her to wear while meeting him. To learn more, read on to find the location of every candle, candle holder, and gold curtain at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Castle candle locations, candle holder, and gold curtains

You will find Four candles, a candle holder and a gold curtain Scattered around Bell Castle Library, courtyard and corridors. Focus your attention on table tops and other surfaces where items can rest, as that’s where the mission objects will be.

At the bottom it is Location of each candle, candle holder and gold curtain During the Into the West Wing mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley you will need:

Castle candles

  1. He sits at a table in the library near the candlesticks.
  2. On a barrel in the secret passage room of the library.
  3. In the yard, on a table next to several small plants.
  4. In the main hall of the castle, on a table next to the piano.
  • Disney's Dreamlight Valley Secret Passage Candle
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Patio Candle
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley candle near the piano

Castle candle holder

The candle bearer sits on a chair in the hallway outside the library. Exit the hall, turn left up the stairs, then another left to find the chair in front of a lion statue.

Disney yDreamlight Valley Candle Holder Location
Screenshot from Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Golden curtain

The golden curtain was draped over a table in the library next to the gramophone. It’s in a similar place where you found the wheel from the previous mission objective.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gold Curtain
Screenshot from Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Once you have all four items, return to Belle to disguise yourself and progress through the Into the West Wing mission again!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series To learn more about the game, check out the full Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure update patch notes included, or click the tag below to access our growing list of articles!

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