How to decorate apartments in Starfield

Starfield It has many houses and apartments that you can acquire to become a base of operations. Whether it’s to store the endless amount of resources and materials you’ve collected on your journey or just a place to hang out and relax after a mission.

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Therefore, it is important to make your house a home by decorating and adding essential amenities like workbenches and task boards. There are five different item categories with a wide variety of items, which makes the decorating process cumbersome due to the lack of tutorials. However, it is worth investing the time to decorate your apartment.

How to decorate apartments

Decorate the panel and scanner menu

There are two ways to start decorating your Starfield apartments:

  1. Activate the decoration panel in each apartment.
  2. Turn on your scanner and press the R button on your PC.

It’s best to use a scanner to open the décor list for your apartment, as it will save you time going back and forth from the décor palette.

How does the decorating feature work?

A cooking station is placed in Mercury Tower Apartment using the decorating menu.

When you open the Decorate menu, you will have a user interface similar to the Outpost Building menu.

On the Right side of the screenyou will see a List of items with item class and variables.

the Left side of the screen I will show you Resources required To build the required item.

Stick to auxiliary items such as workbenches Task boards are a good idea before spending resources on decorative items like furniture, as these items generally cost more resources and provide function to your apartment.

It’s a good idea to Decide which research projects you want to complete in the research lab before decorating your apartmentas this will do Highlight any source or material used in the research projectsaving you from accidentally spending materials on something to decorate your apartment.

Each object class explained

A wooden desk is placed in Mercury using the decorating mode

There are five different categories of decorative items to browse:

  • editing – This category includes everyone Workbenches and laboratories used to Craft and upgrade items. You will also be able to build a research laboratory.
  • furniture – This category includes items that provide utility to your apartment, e.g Sleeping in bed. Furthermore, the furniture can be used decoratively to place items you find on your adventures.
  • Medals – Items in this category are Purely cosmetic They do nothing more than brighten or cool your apartment.
  • Displays – These items are great for Store and display your equipment. Gun racks, mannequins and display cases can be used as alternative storage units.
  • diverse – This category includes abbreviations Task boards for the various factions I joined and Self-service reward redemption.

How to place items in your apartment

Use edit mode to change the position of desktop decor in the apartment.

Choose an object that will Create a highlight where it will be Placed along with its rotation. If you place an object and want to rearrange its position, switch to Modify the situation, Select the itemand then Rotate and move it freely. Press and hold the delete button if you wish to remove the object from your apartment.

To decorate your apartment with it Miscellaneous items such as tools or even a microscope, Drop the item from your inventory And enter Modify the situationthen Select the item and place it where you want.

Unfortunately, there is There is no way to snap things together And on the walls, which means you’ll have to do it all with the naked eye. This can lead to a wonky situation if not aligned perfectly.

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