How can a Ring doorbell attract thieves?

Owning a ring doorbell could attract burglars rather than deter them, an expert said.

Professor Claire Nee, founder of the International Center for Forensic Psychology Research at the University of Portsmouth, says the presence of an alarm signals to thieves that there is something worth stealing.

Owning a Ring security device could attract thieves, one expert saysCredit: Alamy

She said she would never install a Ring doorbell or alarm.

Professor Ni told The Times: “The majority of thieves only wear masks because they are aware of the video footage.

“Alarms often attract burglars to homes. They are a sign of wealth – meaning there will be something worth stealing.

“Neighbors tend not to respond to alarms unless they go on for a long time, and even with monitored alarms (which call in the police), you’re lucky if anyone arrives within 15 minutes. Most burglaries are over within eight to ten minutes.

This view is supported by research conducted in 2019 by criminology professors at UCL, Nottingham Trent and Loughborough universities.

They found that alarms increase the risk of burglary because they signal that valuables are inside and give “a false sense of security that makes such households ‘negligent’.”

The research found that the best deterrents were secure window locks, interior lights with a timer, exterior lights with a timer or sensor, and double door locks or deadlocks.

Professor Nee advises homeowners to look for places where people can get in by jumping over gates or walls or breaking weak window locks.

“A thief would rather go to the back of the house if he could,” she said.

“That doesn’t mean they won’t come in the front door, because we’re pretty bad at leaving our bags and car keys near the front door.”

If you have glass doors and patios, suggesting using laminated glass — two layers of glass bonded together — can help, says Steve Bromberg, managing director of Express Bi-Folding Doors.

“It’s the same glass used in storefronts, and it’s going to take a long time to fight through it,” he said.

SimpliSafe, which makes home security systems, recommends placing thorny hedges or climbers such as gorse, hawthorn or Rosa rugosa.

Using anti-climb paint on the top of fences, walls and rotating or rolling fence covers can also be a deterrent.

Professor Nee said thieves would target what they considered the “most profitable” house in the neighbourhood.

The Sun Online has contacted Ring for comment.

In March this year, The Sun revealed the most dangerous areas in the UK for burglaries.

While in July, figures showed an average of 584 burglaries per day went unsolved.

Thieves may think there’s something worth stealing if there’s a Ring device (stock image)Credit: Getty

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