House MD memes prove that the show is a big site

Streaming services are constantly trying to make their new shows the next big thing, but the power of the nostalgia hour is unparalleled. It’s not just about friends And the desk – Every now and then, an old show starts gaining more attention again, and it seems like everyone across social media is rewatching it at the same time. Colombo, The sopranoAnd Too bad, For example, they’ve all come back into the zeitgeist over the past couple of years.

And we might add House MD To that list.

the a house The resurgence has been slowly gaining momentum since the end of 2022, but has peaked this year. As it turns out, the medical drama is fair ready For the Post Shit Era. with The soprano or Too badFans have to work on imagining his characters in ridiculous scenarios. in a houseThese scenarios happen live.

Image: Global TV

Image: Global TV

The cases of eccentric, narcissistic and brilliant Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) first aired in 2004 for eight seasons as he solved baffling medical mysteries and his best friend – kind-hearted oncologist Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). – Tolerating his increasingly malicious behavior. Technically, a house Inspired by Sherlock Holmes (House = Holmes, Wilson = Watson), but as the show went on, this connection became looser. During his existence, a house It was a serious hospital drama, and Laurie’s performance as the tortured and disturbed Dr. House won critical acclaim.

But nearly 20 years since the show first aired, fans are appreciating it for how crazy it actually is. Doctors make medical errors in every episode (breaking into their patients’ homes is a regular occurrence and, frankly, one of the most innocuous). House says whatever comes to his mind and does whatever the hell he wants. Oh, and House and Wilson’s relationship is full of psychosexual tension. This was a ship that viewers got hooked on when the show aired, but when people rediscovered it a houseThey also rediscover the clarity of the subtext around their codependent relationship. Nearly 20 years after its premiere, it’s not just a medical drama; It’s toxic yaoi.

The way people interact with it a house Similar to modern memes derived from Too bad – Iconic character moments and interactions are isolated and diverted – with one big caveat. in a houseMost of the troubled examples are already in the show itself. House risks the patient’s life to prove his friendship to Wilson. At one point, hospital director Cuddy has to stop the team from intentionally infecting a patient with malaria. The B-plot involves House bullying Wilson into buying his own furniture, and the passive-aggressive manipulation that ensues. Promotional materials for the show showed the entire cast cuddling in bed.

Often times, hearing about a show through memes and goofs across social media results in a slight disappointment. The shows themselves may be good, but the meme content produced around them is absent, and understandably so. but a house It offers its most turbulent moments And On the gay subtext that fans latched on to. The show literally ends (spoilers here) with House faking his death and riding off into the sunset with Wilson, who only has months to live after being diagnosed with cancer (the sheer romanticism of this scene led to eager fan edits).

Photo: Universal Television

Sure, the deliciously dysfunctional relationship between House and Wilson makes up the bulk of the show’s modern love interest, but what fuels this wave of love? a house Fandom is how you meet and defy in one way or another all expectations. Yes it is He is Medical drama And Yaoi is toxic And Full of medical errors And At one point, House talked about Arceus of Pokemon Diamond And Pearl.

Nothing sums it up better than this fan video set to Boney M.’s song “Rasputin” — with an exchange of comments that perfectly underscore the enduring appeal of this show.

“I thought this was a hospital drama, why does he have a gun?!?!?!?” One comment says.

“It’s a really good hospital drama,” another responds.

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