House Flipper 2 developer talks about the town of Pinnacove, story setting, and plans for the area


  • House Flipper 2 is set in the fictional town of Pinnacove, inspired by small fishing villages, which have turned into a thriving tourist destination.
  • The game features three map regions at release – suburban, coastal and forest – with plans to add three more in the future.
  • Players can take part in 24 different jobs across the three areas, starting with smaller jobs as a young house flipper and progressing to larger projects. The game aims to provide a relaxing and immersive experience to players.

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House Flipper 2 It is a simulation game where players take on the role of a one-person refit crew. Over the years, fans have set foot in various fictional neighborhoods that often feel like video game recreations of real places, from the original suburban streets. House Flipper to the coastal town of Sunset Bay in the HGTV DLC, one of several fin-de-siècle-themed expansions for the simulation franchise.

House Flipper 2 It takes players to a new location called Pinnacove, where they can renovate, buy and flip houses across different areas of the map. In a recent interview with Game Rant, Frozen Zone producer Jakub Bujas talked more about it House flippers 2Pinnacove setting, story mode, and different map areas. Bujas also talked about the protagonist, the townsfolk, Pinnacove map plans, and more.

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House Flipper 2 setting of Pinnacove places, jobs and areas map

House Flipper 2 House

When asked about House Flipper 2On the site of the fictional and idyllic town of Pinnacove, Bugas explains that it is “a small town somewhere in the USA” and is “inspired by small fishing villages,” something that also ties into the story, as Pinnacove has evolved from a small fishing village into a thriving tourist destination. focus on House Flipper 2As for the size of the map, Bugas explained that there are three regions to the map including suburban, coastal, and forest regions, with plans to add three more regions after release. As Bogas explained

In Pinnacove, there will be three different playable areas on the release date. But we have plans for three more on the map. During the game, you will be able to see the entire Pinnacove map and all the properties that will be available for three of them.

Bugas also talked about the total number of jobs in House Flipper 2including the job-to-area ratio,

even in House Flipper 2We have 24 jobs for players, which are divided into three different areas. We have eight jobs in the suburbs, nine on the coast, and seven in the woods.

Players who enjoy learning about the history of towns in cities in video games may also appreciate this House Flipper 2Our attention to detail is in this area, with the ability to learn more about Pinnacove, its characters and mythology through features such as stickers and interactable objects such as books. Like the original game, players can’t actually meet NPCs, but Bujas added that House Flipper 2 A new phone function system allows players to chat with characters in depth via different dialogue options.

House Flipper 2’s story, career progression and relaxing gameplay

House Flipper Jobs Office 2

It is also worth noting that a large portion of House Flipper The experience is a game about making money, where players complete jobs to eventually buy and flip their own homes. in House Flipper 2In a story, Bugas explained that players start out doing smaller jobs as young house flippers, and eventually progress to larger jobs and longer renovation projects, which Bugas jokingly described as a “huge house flipper.”

So he said, House Flipper 2 It also looks to provide players with a relaxing gaming experience like its predecessor, whether that’s through its locations or the possibility of more contemplative and satisfying tool mechanics. Bugas also mentioned that the jungle area is “my favorite area”, speaking about how the atmosphere adds to the relaxing feelings players may experience,

Because guys really like the feeling of being alone House Flipper 2 – They like to relax, withdraw into their own world and space, and unleash their creative abilities. And I think in this particular environment, it does it better, especially at night when you have whispers between the trees and so on, and you’re sitting inside your hut – that’s really cool.

House Flipper 2 It will be released on PC on December 14, 2023, and is scheduled for release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on March 21, 2024.

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