Hotels are ‘surprisingly’ cheaper than Airbnb in holiday hotspots from France to Italy

any? A study comparing Airbnb and Vrbo rental prices for hotels in holiday destinations across France, Italy, UK, USA and more found a significant difference in price

Airbnb prices were £32 higher than hotel prices in Paris (Getty Images)

Airbns and other private holiday rentals are almost a fifth more expensive on average than hotels, a new study has found.

For many years, renting a small apartment in a vacation destination has been the most budget-conscious way to see a new place, especially when planning a city break.

It seems that this reputation is no longer completely guaranteed, at least if it is modern? The study is correct. The consumer magazine found that the price of single-bed listings on Airbnb and rival booking site Vrbo exceeds the average cost of a hotel room – excluding five-star hotels – in 38 of 50 destinations in the UK and globally.

The average price of a one-bedroom Airbnb or Vrbo listing was £120, almost a fifth (19%) more than a hotel room, which costs £101 on average. In some locations, price differences were particularly stark, resulting in travelers paying hundreds of pounds extra for a week’s rental accommodation, even before service charges, which were not included in Which?’s price analysis.

The price difference was particularly high in Southwold in the UK (Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

Airbnb refuted the study, arguing that the stolen data is not an accurate reflection of activity on the rental platform and that comparing hotel rooms and vacation apartments that often include a kitchen and living room is unfair.

An Airbnb spokesperson drew attention to the growing popularity of single room rentals, with nights spent on private room listings in the UK increasing by almost 70% in 2022. The average price for these types of stays is likely to be lower than renting an entire apartment, Maybe more like a hotel room.

They said: “This data is false and based on flawed methodology. It overstates prices on Airbnb, comparing standard hotel rooms to entire properties listed on Airbnb, which typically include kitchens and living spaces. There’s something for every budget on Airbnb and almost half of guests say they booked through Airbnb Save them money, and a quarter say they specifically choose Airbnb over other types of accommodation to save money.

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