Hope Gallery in Newburgh empowers individuals with disabilities

In a grand and inclusive opening ceremony, Newburgh officially welcomes “The Hope Gallery,” a one-of-a-kind boutique with a profound mission. This gallery is not just a place to shop; It is a place of hope, empowerment and skill building for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Exquisitely made. Completely unique.

Hope Gallery is more than just a store. It is a beacon of opportunity. It provides a platform for youth in our community who often face limited employment opportunities. Here, they are not only offered meaningful work, but are provided with a supportive, positive and non-traditional environment as well. The gallery’s atmosphere is somewhat ‘unconventional’, reflecting the creative spirit that thrives within its walls.

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Art tells a story

What sets The Hope Gallery apart is its commitment to promoting representation of individuals with disabilities. The gallery collaborates with artists from all over the country, showcasing products made exclusively by individuals with disabilities. Each exhibition item tells a story of creativity, design, and the triumph of artistic expression.

Empowering all persons with disabilities

In this field, team members not only manage the storefront, but also create and sell products for other talented artists. It is a team effort that celebrates diversity, breaks down barriers, and proves that art knows no boundaries.

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

One of the many professions that team members have already embraced is mosaic tile art. They break tiles with pride, skillfully arrange them in intricate patterns, and master the art of mosaic grouting.

Grand opening of Hope Gallery in Newburgh

The grand opening of Hope Gallery is not just a celebration of new work; It is a celebration of hope, empowerment and inclusion. It is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to raise the bar and support its members, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to shine.

Saturday, September 9, 2023, noon – 4 pm

The Honey Vines will be playing live from 12:00pm-1:00pm and they will have fun activities for the kids and free ice cream! You will meet their amazing artists!

512 W. Main Street (next to Cockroaches) Hope Newburgh Gallery on Facebook

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Photo: Courtesy of Hope Gallery

Hope Gallery is named after a very special girl

Hope Gallery is named after Jennifer and Andrew Parker’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Hope. Hope had a severe congenital heart defect – a hypoplastic left ventricle which is essentially half of the heart. She underwent 17 surgeries, including four open-heart surgeries. She was unable to speak or use sign language due to the stroke that occurred during the procedure but was full of hope. She was crazy about living life and absolutely loved all people. Even when life was hard, painful, difficult, and extremely frustrating for her, she still felt joy in the midst of it. The Hope Gallery contains a Hope Prayer Box where people can submit prayer requests for our team members. Raja was praying for these requests. Hope taught us to make the most of every day we live here on Earth by loving others in a big way. She unexpectedly went to heaven on February 25, 2020. We miss her dearly and honor her legacy by continuing our mission.

Behind the Scenes: The New Nonprofit Hope Gallery of Newburgh

Hope Gallery offers young people with developmental disabilities vocational training through a unique shop for happy, fun and wonderful people. The fair celebrates their talents by sending them handmade goods, jewelry, and art.

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