Homes Under The Hammer celebrity specials lined up and when to watch them

Regular hosts on Homes Under The Hammer are Martin Roberts, Martel Maxwell, Dionne Dublin, Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh.

The BBC series shows experts revealing “the various tricks of the property auction trade” as they look at the homes up for auction and the transformations they undergo.

The long-running show was first broadcast on BBC One on 17 November 2003, and since then the presenters have traveled across the UK visiting a large number of property auctions.

Across several episodes, two of which will air on November 17 – the show’s 20th anniversary, a number of celebrities will appear as special guests to share their insights into property renovations.

Each of the five episodes will feature a famous host, a new property, and an unforgettable moment from the archives.

Celebrities host special episodes of the 20th anniversary of Homes Under The Hammer

Regular Homes Under The Hammer presenters Martin Roberts, Martell Maxwell, Dionne Dublin, Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh will be joined by a host of celebrities for five special anniversary episodes of Homes Under the Hammer on BBC One.

Stars co-hosting special episodes of Homes Under The Hammer include:

  • Alex Jones (presenter of The One Show)
  • Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen (changing room host)
  • Toyah Wilcox (singer and actress)
  • Owen Wyn Evans (BBC Radio 2 presenter)
  • Amanda Lovett (Traitors)

Jones will join Maxwell in London when she stars in an episode scheduled to air on November 17.

In another special episode that will air on the same day, Roberts will be joined by Changing Rooms host Llewelyn-Bowen as he offers tips on upcycling an old avocado bathroom suite.

More Homes Under The Hammer celebrity specials will air later in the year, dates yet to be announced.

One of the upcoming episodes will see the Dublin regular broadcaster travel to Birmingham, where he will be joined by his guest host, singer and actress Toyah Wilcox.

In another special anniversary show, Joseph will team up with Welsh broadcaster Owen Wyn-Evans in Wales.

While Walsh will get a helping hand from The Traitors star Amanda Lovett in Buckinghamshire in the other special.

Exmouth Magazine: Amanda Lovett appears on BBC's The Traitors in 2022.Amanda Lovett appeared on BBC’s The Traitors in 2022. (Photo: BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Mark Maines/PA)

Speaking about appearing in the series, The One Show presenter Jones, 46, revealed that Homes Under The Hammer is her “favorite show ever”.

“I’ve watched it for years, so it seems like a real treat,” she said.

Martin Roberts is “very proud” of the Homes Under The Hammer project as it celebrates 20 years

Martin Roberts has been part of Homes Under The Hammer since its inception in 2003, and said he was “very proud” to be part of the “much-loved show”.

“Who would have thought in 2003 when I first said those immortal lines ‘Let’s know what happened when you got auctioned off’ that I would still be saying them 20 years later? But I did,” he said.

“And I am so proud to be part of such a beloved show that has been bringing entertainment and inspiration to viewers for an amazingly long time.”

Exmouth Magazine: Homes Under The Hammer's regular hosts are Martin Roberts, Martell Maxwell, Dionne Dublin, Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh. Homes Under The Hammer’s regular hosts are Martin Roberts, Martell Maxwell, Dion Dublin, Jackie Joseph and Tommy Walsh. (Photo: BBC)

The Dubliner added: “20 years of Homes Under The Hammer and we’re still going strong. A juggernaut of a show that never seems to get old and people absolutely love it.”

“I am so honored to have been a part of it for the past nine years, it is a special show and I hope it continues for a long time… for another 20 years!”

Muslim Alim, daytime factual commissioning editor, said: “Homees Under The Hammer is arguably a champion of the BBC daytime program and a triumph of factual entertainment.

“The BBC is proud to celebrate 20 years of the show, and audiences can expect plenty of entertainment as we invite celebrities to join our presenters as property experts and revisit some of our favorite past properties thanks to the rich archive.”

Two celebrity episodes of Homes Under The Hammer will air in a double bill on Friday 17 November at 11.15am on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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