Homeowner gets first home in Humes Heights

After living in one apartment after another, and one rental after another, Fannie Weinberg was ready to have a home she could call her own.

“I wanted to have something where I could change the paint color, have a dog yard and vacuum freely in the middle of the night if that’s what I wanted to do,” Fanny recalls. As the owner of Paradox at PeCo, a small business located at the intersection of Peabody and Coope streets, Fannie knew she wanted to find a home in or near downtown. She also wanted a beautiful yard for her dogs to enjoy, and a place that needed little to no repairs.

“I contacted Leigh Martin, a real estate agent with Hobson Realtors, to help me with my house search. Because we had lived in the same downtown neighborhood for years, I had known Leigh for a very long time. She is one of many people who have been part of the Village Midtowners who helped raise me.When I felt it was time to buy a house, there was no one else I was interested in appointing as my agent, only me, the best of the best.

Fanny looked at hundreds of homes online before she officially signed with Lee. Then I took Fanny to see three houses in person. They found what she was looking for in Humes Heights, just west of Chickasaw Gardens. Fannie paid $249,900 for 1,200 square feet of living space. Colonial Revival cottage, c. It was built in 1947 and includes three bedrooms and a bathroom. Also, it had a separate living room and dining room. There were beautiful hardwood floors in every room. The convenient kitchen makes use of every inch of space with a built-in microwave and a convenient workspace triangle. A painted beaded backsplash added a nice vintage touch. The bathroom has been partially updated with newer tile flooring that complements the original white tiles on the walls. The shower/tub combination and pedestal sink made the room feel airy.

“It’s weird that the house I lived in from ages 2 to 10 is two houses down from me now, in Humes,” Fanny said.

“I’m obsessed with the backyard. The previous owners clearly put a lot of love into it. The house has a small side porch and the grounds are full of mature trees. There is a two-car garage with an attached utility room – perfect for my dad’s workshop. I love my covered backyard The backyard is fenced and beautifully landscaped.

Although she’s not looking for any major renovations, there are some changes Fanny has in mind for her new residence.

“My new house has no central heat or air,” Fanny explained. “It has floor ovens and window units. I hope to change that next year. I would also like to remodel the kitchen and bathroom in the coming years. Maybe I will add a master bathroom and an additional bedroom.”

As for her neighborhood, Fannie said, “It’s quite a quaint and quiet neighborhood. I can see my neighborhood from my new front yard. I spent a lot of my formative years walking around this area. My new next door neighbor is someone I’ve known my whole life.” “His children and I grew up together. I spent many summers swimming in their pool and running around in their house. It feels as surreal as can be to be back living here again. I couldn’t be happier.”

Emily Adams Kiplinger is a freelance reporter who produced this feature for the Advertising Department.

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