Home Depot sells highly rated tiny house for $7,900, customers rave they ‘no longer pay bills’

Home Depot has made it possible to order the phenomenon of tiny homes delivered to your home.

The home improvement retail chain sells a version of the trend for $7,900, and one customer found a way to live in it without paying the bills.

A tiny home sold by Home Depot eliminated customer billsCredit: Home Depot

The Belmont by Best Barns from Home Depot looks similar to a barn.

It is advertised for people looking for a large cabin or storage space.

This 12′ x 20′ wood storage shed can be ordered with or without flooring, and painted any color.

There is a loft on the second floor that has enough headroom for the sleeping area, so anyone can enjoy a nap inside.

The tiny house is currently discounted for $1,300, a 14 percent discount off its original price of $9,216.

Extra space

From storage to guest house, Belmont offers the opportunity to add an extra room to your home and do with it as you please.

“Great shed and it is so helpful to have pre-cut materials in the box,” said Carol, the verified buyer.

Her only issue was that she wanted Home Depot to “provide a list of materials by box” because “the kit comes in a few boxes.”

No more bills?

Another reviewer named “slappysack” said they decided to use the cabin as their primary residence.

“I live in this little cabin outside of Fort Wayne. I use solar power and well water for all my living needs. I no longer pay bills,” the reviewer said.

Your purchase has not been verified by Home Depot.

They said the cabin gave them the ability to live life to the fullest, more specifically, within a rent-free 12-foot-by-20-foot space.

Additionally, they claim they run their second business from the second floor and that his wife “loves all the extra savings.”

Although it’s not technically impossible, people should check with their spouse first. It’s not exactly recommended to sleep at your workplace.

One complaint? The customer said he wished it was $500 cheaper. It’s unclear whether they purchased the item before or after the discount.

Due diligence

Assembly is required, so make sure it’s a project you want to do.

All required screws, hardware and glue are provided along with detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, Home Depot said.

Additionally, depending on the desired use, Home Depot suggested checking with your local building, zoning or neighborhood association to obtain all applicable permits.

This product has only two reviews, so don’t be shy to check with your local store to see it in person.

Don’t worry if this tiny house isn’t for you. The US Sun found plenty of options.

Check out this tiny house “perfect for relaxing” that’s also being sold by Home Depot for $23,000.

Meanwhile, the influencer says she lives in this tiny house that costs $5,000 and has everything they need.

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