Home Depot sells a $4,000 tiny house with extra-wide double doors that is pre-assembled and can be delivered within two weeks

HOME Depot has a tiny house available even partially pre-assembled for just $4,000.

The retailer is known for selling a wide range of home improvement items for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects.

A tiny home sold by Home Depot for $4,000 is 192 square feetCredit: Unknown, clear with office photos

This includes tiny houses that come with all the parts you need to finish building.

One that Home Depot is selling is a 192-square-foot multi-purpose wood shed for a total of $3,999.

The kit, made by Handy Home Products, is ready to assemble and comes with a framed wood floor, 7-inch sidewalls, 64-inch double doors, and windows that let in light.

While most everything will need to be put together, double doors come pre-assembled.

Additionally, the shed is “fully customizable” and comes with a 15-year warranty, according to the product description.

Assembly time takes about 16 hours, two people are recommended to help put it together.

The shed can be shipped to a local store by Wednesday, September 27, and is available for pickup.

If you opt for delivery, it will arrive between September 27 and October 9, Home Depot estimates.

Those interested in the shed can apply for six-month financing at $667 per month.

More tiny homes to buy

There are plenty of other tiny homes that clients may want to consider.

For example, those looking for a little more space might want to splurge on one that Home Depot sells for more than $52,000.

It comes with various pieces including three wood doors, a tongue-and-groove wall, deck boards, keyed entry hardware, double garage doors, a porch, and four single pane windows.

Additionally, the 688-square-foot home includes a loft.

Elsewhere, Amazon is selling a heavy-duty tiny home for $3,099.

While assembly is required, it comes with all required parts including eight glass doors, slide latch, snow loading kit, two windows, skylight, and floor and mounting hardware.

The walls that come with it are described as strong, impact-resistant and having “long-lasting performance”.

Lowe’s has the tiny house currently listed at $6,249 after it was previously discounted by more than $700.

Although it requires assembly, it comes with hardware and nails that must be painted according to the product description.

The shed also comes with center wall studs with SmartSide exterior siding, a large loft area, and a two-car garage.

For more related stories, An Influencer Built a Hidden Tiny House for $28,000.

And you can get up to $125,000 for free to build a tiny house.

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