Holiday Magic returns to The Breakers’ mansion in Newport on 11/17

Newport’s mansions are a stunning marvel year-round, but during the holidays, the historic homes are decorated with twinkling lights and holiday magic, bringing awe and wonder to Rhode Island’s Gilded Quarter.

For the fourth year, The Breakers Mansion will be a holiday marvel for families to enjoy.

Sparkling Lights at The Breakers returns on November 17y.

Breakers Mansion is a golden age beauty

“The Breakers was everything a Gilded Age millionaire could want on a summer vacation,” the Newport County Preservation Society said. With classic Italian design and featuring the finest American and European craftsmanship, The Breakers offers a glimpse into how the other half lived in the 19th century.

The Breakers is the flagship of Newport Mansions and has attracted valued guests and curious travelers for more than 100 years.

It’s hard to imagine how this mansion could get any more beautiful, but when it sparkles with holiday lights every season, it becomes a magnificent sight.

What to expect at Sparkling Lights at The Breakers

Friends and families will stroll along a half-mile path decorated with hundreds of thousands of holiday lights while music fills the air.

You can walk through mesmerizing tunnels of light and admire the illuminated displays with some sparkling surprises along the way.

Holiday gifts and adult beverages are available for purchase on the Back Terrace and The Breakers Welcome Center.

When are the bright lights on at The Breakers?

The Breakers Mansion will officially shine on November 17y It continues to glow until December 30thy. Five start times are available between 4pm and 6pm, with gates closing at 6:30pm.

Sparkling Lights at The Breakers requires a special ticket for a specific entry date and time. Ticket purchase includes an internal tour of the palace during the same visit.

For event details and to purchase tickets, visit the Newport County Preservation Society online.

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at The Breakers’ latest offseason.

Watch this historic Newport mansion sparkle with thousands of holiday lights

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But over the past few winters, one historic home on Ocher Point Ave. has brightened up its exterior, too. Watch The Breakers’ lights shine bigger and brighter than ever this season.

Photo gallery: Nancy Hall

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Photo gallery: Nancy Hall

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