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In Brittany, a dreamy story rooted in interior design awaits you

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell? On the Atlantic coast of Normandy, a historic townhouse can entice design fanatics with fascinating tales of an 18th-century French importer to an Indian trading company in Port Louis Brittany who lived there. Or maybe they’re talking about the creative duo behind Antoinette Poisson, a Parisian design team dedicated to reviving the craftsmanship of domino paper for home decor and furnishing, which has revived the townhouse and made it into their home and workplace. But until the walls are enamored with the power to speak, only a new book called A General in French Style, Interior Decoration and Entertaining by Antoinette Poisson will do the trick.

Someone drawing at the table

Antoinette Poisson is a brand that focuses on using domino paper. In the past, they have collaborated with brands like Gucci and Diptyque.

© Flammarion, 2023
Kitchen with table and chairs

The house is located in Normandy, France.

© Flammarion, 2023

Vincent Farrelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin, designers by Antoinette Poisson, came across the country house by chance after agent Françoise Boz told them about the charming Breton town of Port Louis and introduced them to the historic house. They eventually acquired the house and chose to use it as a wall decor and domino paper business and a home. Aside from their own creations, the two have worked with brands such as Gucci, Ladurée or Diptyque.

Bathroom with sink and mirror

The cottage was once the home of a merchant who was part of the East India Trading Company.

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A wall with art and pictures

The book not only provides a great deal of design inspiration, but also takes readers through daily activities in Brittany.

© Flammarion, 2023

The book offers more than just imaginative French interiors and celebrates the rhythm of the French lifestyle: shopping at the local market, finding antiques, mushroom hunting, paper making, textile dyeing, and more. The book is certainly a source of design inspiration and historical design knowledge, but more importantly, it is a means of escapism.

General French Style, Interiors and Entertaining by Antoinette Poisson
General French Style, Interiors and Entertaining by Antoinette Poisson
Credit: Rizzoli

Art and Design Salon New York

Last Friday, the 12th edition of the Salon of Art and Design opened its doors to the public. At New York City’s Park Avenue Armory, 50 leading design exhibitors from around the world displayed rare vintage, contemporary, modern and exquisite works of art and design. New galleries included Guy Regal NYC and Mercado Moderno. ABASK, a redesigned online retailer, made its US debut, marking its first anniversary with a physical debut at the show. In their book, they highlight more than 100 makers, 600 items, and 60 exclusive items from Carl Aubock, Oeuvres Sensibles, Lobmeyr, and Osanna Visconti.

A room with green walls and tables

ABASK, an online design retailer, celebrated its first anniversary with a physical debut at the show.

Dean Kaufman, courtesy of ABASC
Black and gold vase

Silvia Furmanovich provided jewelry and home decor.

Alice Miceli

Other highlights include Silvia Furmanovich’s show, which included a collection of earrings and other jewelry with floral and animal motifs along with highly ornate vases, benches, and other touches. A folding screen depicting a gardenia in a tropical setting and butterfly pins were the main highlights. Donzella brought a magnificent cabinet designed in collaboration between Gio Ponti and his student Piero Fornasetti in Milan for the Sicatus family home in Milan. The piece was for sale for $240,000. During opening night, Lobel Modern sold three items including a Karl Spring vase, a Philip and Kelvin Laverne painting, and a set of chairs.

Fancy champagne and caviar at RH?

RH is jumping on the caviar craze, and the new champagne and caviar bar at RHGuesthouse New York is a testament to that. Nestled in the guest house’s basement is a 32-seat lounge, where Imperial Kaluga caviar by esteemed supplier Petrosyan is the centerpiece of meals and paired with world-class Champagne.

Interestingly, the interior itself resembles caviar: the room follows an orange-yellow color palette and consists of banquettes outfitted in camel mohair velvet, golden marble tables and hand-blown glass chandeliers. Iridescent painted walls and Italian marble and mosaic floors reflect and echo colors and surround visitors in a haven of caviar.

Restaurant with tables and chairs

The new champagne and caviar bar at RHGuesthouse is set up in a speakeasy-like format.

Courtesy of RH

Gary Friedman, Chairman and CEO of RH, commented: “Champagne & Caviar Bar at RH Guesthouse New York reflects our vision to imagine an inviting space and immersive experience that transports you to the magic of secret and sensual bars of the past and present. The most luxurious lounges and private clubs of today.”

Head to rhguesthouse.com to book your visit.

Valentino collaborates with painter Mario Schifano to create an exhibition in the new flagship location

At Valentino’s new flagship store at 654 Madison Avenue, shopping has evolved beyond clothes. The new store consists of three floors, including the basement, ground floor and mezzanine on the second floor. Each floor consists of a distinct visual narrative based on specific material palettes. On the occasion of the opening, the house will display an exclusive exhibition by the Italian painter Mario Schifano (known for his postmodern collections). The exhibition, organized by Magazzino Italian Art magazine, features five large-scale paintings by Schifano in an attempt to communicate the relationship between the world of art and fashion.

Glass door with sofa and glass wall

The Valentino Madison flagship store consists of three floors.

Courtesy of Valentino

over the years, valentino on canvas, The brand’s initiative to support the above has highlighted emerging contemporary painters and sculptors. In 2020, Valentino organized two physical experiments in which contemporary art interpreted the House’s codes through a series of performances and other means of expression. In 2022, Valentino sponsored the Italian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale, supporting the works of artist Gian Maria Tosatti.

A room with artwork on the wall

The store also houses an art gallery consisting of works by Italian artists.

Courtesy of Valentino
Head shot of Isiah Magsino

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