High-tech offices are probably working harder than you

Standing in the office meant you were just hanging out and not working. But today’s sit-stand desks make you just as productive on your feet as if you were sitting in a chair.

Instead of just rising and falling, as with the first generation sit-stand desks, the latest crop also uses smart and audio technology to recognize your posture, schedule movement routines, and even listen if you’ve been sitting for too long. Most of them are very stylish and well-designed, and will fit seamlessly into your home office or living room decor.

Here are our picks for the latest smart desks:

Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk

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Manufacturer Beflo calls these “Marie Kondo desks.” Along with sit/stand capabilities, it’s designed to reduce cables, wires, and clutter with built-in ports, a touchscreen, and app controls. Winner of the 2023 award from international design consultancy iF, Tenon is as smart on the inside as it appears on the surface. Its companion app lets you call Siri for voice control, automatically updating the desk’s firmware. With your input, it also adapts the office to your home environment, style, posture and needs. You can also track when you’re sitting and standing, adjust the volume on the Tenon’s built-in speakers and set reminders to change your position.

The Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk is available for $2,799.

Ergonomics sit and stand desk

When it comes to on-the-job well-being, the key doesn’t stand still. It’s movement, according to Ergonomyx. With this in mind, the company’s Sit-Stand constantly monitors and measures your activity, creating a routine to find the perfect balance between work and wellness. Ergonomyx also makes fitness devices that integrate with the desk, like the Smart Under Desk Bike that lets you zoom by using the pedals while you zoom. As an added bonus, all Ergonomyx desktops are made from 100% bamboo, one of the fastest growing, most durable and sustainable woods on the planet. With an Alexa device, you can easily add voice controls to your desk, allowing for hands-free operation whether you’re tapping on the keyboard or holding the handlebars.

The Ergonomyx Sit-Stand Desk is available for $664.

SmartDisk Connect II

SmartDesk says the Connect E “looks like high-performance running shoes, but fits your workflow.” The company claims it is the only all-in-one triple display and motorized sitting desk that is powered solely by your laptop. With an easy setup that the company calls “plug-and-rock,” you can connect your laptop for a multi-monitor setup and take advantage of the benefits of a desktop — or detach your laptop and easily take your work with you, allowing freedom and flexibility that only Few offer offices. For the price, you expect rich features, and the Smartdesk Connect E delivers just that. It comes with three 24-inch 4K UHD displays, a seamlessly integrated wireless phone charger and two advanced 10W stereo speakers. And of course, ultra-quiet dual motors raise and lower your desk when you’re sitting or standing.

Smartdesk Connect E is available for $2,399.

New Heights Elegante XT

The term “gyrosensing collision avoidance” may sound like something related to a moving vehicle. But it is built into this smart desk, and it stops the motor if the desk touches anything while moving. Instead of mashing the armrest – or the arm – the desk will move in the other direction. The easy-to-use app and voice control allow you to control the desk as needed; The desk will return the favor by reminding you when you’ve been sitting for too long. One of the best made desks on the market, the Elegante XT desk features ultra-strong extruded aluminum leg frames whose anodized surface also gives it a sleek look.

The NewHeights Elegante XT is available for $1,900.

NextErgo Smart Standing Desk

With AI and thermal imaging capabilities, this may be the most technologically advanced desk on the market. The desk profiles your comfortable sitting and standing positions based on hand level detection technology. Thermal imaging detects your presence and activates the office; Artificial intelligence sets up standing goals and personalized desk exercises based on your height, weight and BMI. Using the NextErgo app, you can also enable posture correction and usage reports. There’s also an 8-inch touchscreen with built-in voice control, but beware: this desk talks and reminds you to stand up, walk, exercise, drink water, or eat a healthy snack with voice prompts and on-screen notifications. Bonus: The screen and audio system provide yoga instructions.

The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is available for $1,399.

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