Heavenly Castle Care in Frazier Park provides specialized memory care

  • The video shows Heavenly Castle Care in Frazier Park, a 24/7 care facility that provides specialized memory care including Alzheimer’s and Demitia.
  • Located in the mountains, the facility accommodates up to six people at a time.
  • According to the facility manager, Heavenly Castle Care is the only one of its kind with an 80-mile landmark.

Broadcast text:

Although long-term care is not top of mind for some, finding quality care close to loved ones can be a concern.

“When I found this place, I was looking for an angel. I was looking for a miracle,” said Benji Chankin, whose family member is staying.

When Shankin was looking for a safe place to care for his wife, he felt out of options.

“There was nothing really. I didn’t even know about it,” Chankin said. “So, the closest place really, if there was a place I could find someone looking for my wife… the closest I would have been would be Bakersfield or Santa Clarita.”

That is until he met Yasmine Nchanyan, facility manager at Heavenly Castle Care – a 24/7 care facility in the heart of Fraser Park.

The facility specializes in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and memory care.

“We’re the only facility here in the mountains, at an 80-mile scale. There’s no other facility but us,” Nchanyan said.

The 5,000-square-foot home accommodates up to six residents at a time to ensure each person receives individual care and attention.

Resident Jerry Tapp describes his experience as “good… great. I have people cooking for me… hey, you can’t beat that.”

In the middle of nature, residents enjoy enjoying the beauty.

Tabb said he goes outside to sit in the sun “…because I like to be outside.”

Heavenly Castle Care organizes activities throughout the week to keep everyone entertained.

“Every week we have days where we play bingo nights, we have days where we play lottery nights, we have dance days, we have live music that comes here,” Nchanyan said. “We have people come in and play the piano and other musical instruments for all of our residents.”

But some residents enjoy the silence.

“It’s quiet and peaceful. You know, and all the people are just so nice,” Tapp said.

In addition to the entertainment, both residents and family members say the facility makes them feel comfortable.

When Shanken decided the best way to care for his wife, he said, “What I never worry about is that she is cared for, loved and safe.”

For more information, connect with Heavenly Castle Care Facebook or call 310-993-2447.

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