Harry Styles is living in an expensive hotel while major building work takes place on a massive £50million mansion

Pop star Harry Styles is living in a £2,500-a-night hotel while major building work takes place on his home.

Harry, 29, has spent hundreds of thousands over the past few months living out of a suitcase on a site in central London while construction workers transform his property.

Harry Styles is living out of a suitcase while his monster mansion is being constructedCredit: Getty

The sources said that workers are connecting two houses he owns to create a huge mansion worth 50 million pounds in north London.

One added: “Harry has kept a wide berth from his stand while major works are carried out, and has checked into a luxury hotel while in London. His girlfriend Taylor has been staying with him.”

“They keep a low profile, go out for coffee and snacks, and Cycling All over London like tourists.

Construction work can take up to two years, frustrating the wealthy Neighbourincluding TV star couple Cat Deeley and Patrick Quilty.

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Harry was keen to move home after purchasing three properties, all within walking distance.

After a traumatic stalker ordeal, safety and security become his first priority.

The Sun revealed in 2019 how Harry acquired a colonial-style pillow worth £10 million.

He already owned homes nearby worth £2.95 million and £8.8 million.

He planned to create a fortress with a “panic room” by buying up neighboring houses overlooking open space so he could feel safe.

Harry has also hired three security guards to protect him and his property 24/7, and has set up £4,000 cameras that trigger any alarms straight to his phone.

He saved a fortune from the security personnel as it was paid for through him insurance Politics because it carries a “threat to life.”

The court heard how Harry appointed a night watchman, locked his bedroom door at night and assessed his home for vulnerabilities after a stalker nightmare.

Homeless Pablo Tarrazaga Oreiro, 26, received a restraining order banning him from approaching Harry and banning him from coming within 250 meters of him or any of his parties.

He staked out Harry’s home in London and tried to approach him when he was out jogging during the two-month campaign. At Hendon District Court, Harry told him: “Get help. I don’t want to see you again.”

Last year the infatuated stalker was arrested under the Mentality Act health Acting after another accident.

Harry joked in an interview how he had to keep his upstairs curtains at his current home closed because fans were watching him from the top deck of a bus that stopped outside his house.

He once came out of the bathroom and saw a group of girls staring at him through binoculars from the bus.

Harry, who is worth more than £50 million, has been contacted for comment.

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