Hailey Bieber just shared a tour of her “messy” kitchen.

As interior design geeks, we always love to take a peek into a celebrity’s home. We’ve seen our fair share of Britney Spears’ foyers (we can draw a diagram of the place at this point), a fair number of beige apology wallpapers on several celebs’ properties, and now we’ve even gotten gifts from the celebrity powerhouse in the form of a video tour, shared by Hailey Bieber By herself, in the beauty mogul’s beautiful but “messy” kitchen.

In the three-minute YouTube video, shot on shaky camera, Bieber invites us into the large, marble-topped space where she cooks, entertains, and films her cooking series. What’s in my kitchen? First, she shows us the centerpiece: a large range with six burners, a grill, a broiler, and two ovens. Above that, the mockup shows a clean, labeled spice rack that any home chef would envy before panning the camera down to the countertop covered with more spices, cookware, a slow cooker, and two (!!) Vortex Instant Pot air fryers. “The reason I need two is because sometimes I’m trying to cook multiple things that can’t fit in one air fryer,” Bieber explains. If we had plenty of counter space, we could also have two air fryers.

Bieber, of course, drops a little Rhode Skin product placement, showing off a sleek black plate holding her keys, sunglasses, and peptide lip treatment before moving on to two original pieces of art created by her pop star husband, Justin Bieber. Justin painted words on two landscapes, one saying “Got Milk” and the other “Kitchen”. We see you, DIY king!

A couple of framed photos on the wall

Hailey Rhode Bieber//Youtube

Bieber then shows off his rooftop herb garden, which you can see from the large window above one of the kitchen sinks and next to the coffee, tea and matcha station. When she opens her mug cabinet, we can see the kind of elegant glass coffee mugs every girl must have as well as the colorful, mismatched ones you’d find in anyone’s kitchen.

As the model takes us through the rest of her kitchen, the organized chaos of it all makes it seem a little more connected — you know, as much as it can be as she maneuvers us around her giant marble slab on a center island. “I really love that marble throughout the kitchen,” Pepper says. “I’ve been very involved in home design in general, but even more so in the kitchen because the kitchen is the space that, you know, you spend a lot of time in.”

While Bieber is embracing some of the chaos, it’s also clear that she’s shy about sharing it all, only giving us a peek into her fridge because she apparently doesn’t know how messy it is. When she brings us into her freezer (because they’re two separate appliances), she teases a collaboration with organic ice cream company, Cosmic Bliss, that we should probably look forward to.

We’re not going to lie: Hailey Bieber’s kitchen is absolutely stunning. After opening a large drawer of Hexclad cookware, she finally describes the space, saying she “likes a little clutter in the kitchen.” If your kitchen doesn’t look at least a little disorganized from time to time, are you actually cooking there? Let’s hope we get more unfiltered looks into the power couple’s home in the future!

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