Gordon Ramsay’s controversial massive Cornish mansion where Tana kept her sixth pregnancy a secret

The Ramsay family officially became a family of eight on Saturday!

Gordon Ramsay, 57, has shared the surprise announcement that his wife Tana, 49, has given birth to their sixth child after keeping her pregnancy a secret for nine months.

the Hell’s Kitchen The chef was quick to declare his love for his newborn son. Jesse James Ramseycalled him “another bundle of love for the Ramsay Brigade” in a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to his wife.

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Fans and celebrity friends rushed to congratulate the couple after the unexpected news, flooding social media with torrents of love for the Ramsay family.

Despite Chef Ramsay making an accidental blunder on live radio last January, where he hinted that his wife might be pregnant with their sixth child, T…Anna largely stayed out of the limelight during her pregnancy.

Gordon and Tana cuddled their newborn son

The mother-of-six likely spent most of her pregnancy at the family’s idyllic seaside home in Rock, Cornwall, where they built a massive mansion on a plot of land they bought for £4.4million in 2015.

Gordon and his wife spent six years building their family home on a now-demolished five-bedroom plot in the 1920s, which was recorded as the second highest house sale in Cornwall’s history when they bought it at the time.

The TV chef has also been granted planning permission to demolish a second property on the site and build a ‘Garden House’. Which prompted more than 20 people to write to Cornwall Council to complain That the building, which is approximately 25 meters from the beach, would spoil the Designated Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and harm the view for other residents.

Gordon Ramsay with his youngest son Oscar in Cornwall

Surrounded by rolling waves and luxurious greenery, and equipped with an outdoor dining space, a luxury wooden boutique, a boathouse and light-filled rooms, the lavish property would have been a homey retreat for Tanya to spend her pregnancy away from prying eyes.

The TV chef is building a hotel-worthy infinity pool on the property

The celebrity chef took a serious call with his Rock Palace renovations when he installed a hotel-worthy infinity pool at the residence.

The Ramseys’ pool can be seen from their dining room windows

The installation cost was over £100,000 and contributed significantly to the increase in the value of the house.

Gordon and Tana are already parents to daughter Megan, 24, and twins Holly and Jack, 23, Tilly, 21, and Oscar, four, who were all seen enjoying their stunning Corniche home on Gordon’s Instagram account.

Holly and Oscar Ramsay prepared to paddle board from their Corniche home in a sweet Instagram post

Other additions to the Cornish house are a boathouse and a wine cellar. It is also reported that the Ramsay family has made their property more environmentally friendly, possibly using a renewable energy source.

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