Ghost hunting experience at Rogers Mansion

Ghost hunting experience at Rogers Mansion

Throughout the year, the Southampton History Museum offers ghost hunting experiences with the help of Long Island paranormal investigators. The next ghost hunting event will be held at Rogers Mansion, located at 17 Meeting House Lane in Southampton, on Saturday 18 November.y From 7:30 to 11:00 pm in two groups.

Participants will spend the night joining expert Long Island paranormal investigators as they explore the 1843 Rogers Mansion. During a night of ghost hunting, paranormal theories will be tested, spooky tales will be shared, and even new ones can be created. Following the evening’s introduction, the tour will be a 45-minute investigation into the mansion where new theories will be tested to uncover any paranormal that may be lurking within.

This has been a long-running event in partnership between the Southampton History Museum and Long Island Paranormal Investigators. LIPI is a non-profit group, and the longest operating paranormal investigation team on Long Island. They are dedicated to helping people understand and deal with paranormal activity by bringing their expertise in scientific investigation methods.

In addition to these tours, they also offer investigative services to people or families experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and work spaces. They aim to put these situations into understandable perspective and come up with solutions on best practices for dealing with this type of activity.

LIPI was founded 20 years ago in 2003 by Michael Cardinotto and Robert Levine. They decided to create this group after exploring an old hospital building on Long Island, where they heard disturbing, inexplicable noises in the building. From there, they began researching and began learning about the countless ghost stories and legends on Long Island. They have continued to conduct investigations throughout Long Island since that first encounter, expanding searches into New York City, New York State and surrounding areas.

The group uses digital video and audio, along with high-speed imaging, infrared temperature and electromagnetic radiation detectors. They use only science and technology in their paranormal investigations and do not rely on any kind of mysterious rituals that have no basis in scientific experiments.


If you’ve ever been interested in discovering paranormal activity, and what might be lurking inside the Rogers Mansion at night, this is the perfect journey to investigate those curiosities and learn about the tools, meanings, and solutions when it comes to the paranormal. The tour costs $40 per person and will be conducted in two groups on Saturday, November 18ystarting at 7:30 pm

You won’t want to miss this ghost hunting experience with Long Island’s expert paranormal investigators! For more information, visit

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