From palaces to amazing cars: Here are the most expensive things Kamal Haasan owns

Kamal Haasan has been associated with show business since he was a child and has proven himself as one of the most versatile and successful actors of all time. He was a prodigy in the Hindi film industry, and for his role in Kalathur Kannamma in 1960, he was honored with the President’s Gold Medal. Haasan’s breakthrough as the protagonist in the 1975 drama Apoorva Rajangal, directed by K. Balachander. Over the years, Hassan has given some amazing performances, which have swept the box office and contributed to his massive wealth and luxurious lifestyle. Haasan had a breakdown when he was in debt but his 2022 blockbuster, Vikram, made up for the accumulated debts and he managed to pay them all off and get his life back on track.

Here’s a look at Kamal Haasan’s luxurious life:

From luxury homes to luxurious palaces

Kamal Haasan not only owns a palace in Chennai, but he also recently spent money on remodeling his palatial residence. The size of the donation is unknown, but the entire family was spotted at the property taking part in an emotional family reunion of sorts. It is interesting to note that Kamal Haasan recently informed the government that he has immovable assets (property) worth a total of Rs 131 crore, including Rs 17 crore of agricultural land, according to reports.

Kamal Haasan’s real estate holdings in Chennai include two apartments in residential societies. These properties are priced at a total of Rs 19.5 crore in South India. All of Kamal Haasan’s properties in Chennai, including his commercial buildings and other properties, are worth a total of Rs 92.5 crore, reports GQ.

In addition to owning properties across the country, Hassan also has a registered property in the UK. Hassan and his family want to invest in a property in London because they visit it frequently. News Minute reported that Hassan had made a similar request to the government stating that he had invested Rs 2.5 billion in the London house.

Other luxury properties

Hassan owns a collection of luxury cars, such as a BMW 730LD and a Lexus Lx 570, worth a total of Rs 3.69 crore.

He is 65 years old and earns an estimated Rs 34 crore annually. He is now shooting for Indian 2, the sequel to the first Hindi film from 1996. This may be his last performance as an actor, according to Forbes. Hasan, an actor who has won three National Awards, is known for his experimental filmmaking and has produced films in five different languages. His net worth as per GQ reports is Rs 177 crore.

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