FREE Christmas fun returns to Deep Pond Farm in Taunton

Last year, South Coast families flocked to Taunton during the holiday season to check out the brand-new Deep Pond Farm and Stables on Dolan Circle, and people fell in love with the holiday magic.

What started as a project for his children has turned into a Christmas oasis for all to enjoy, and George Ghazal aims to ignite the magic of Christmas again this year with a festive lighting of the farm on November 25.

The story of Deep Pond Farm and Stables

George Ghazal spoke with Fun 107 last year about how he built the farm in Taunton for the sole purpose of making his children happy.

“They love animals and we love riding horses,” he said.

The family farm quickly became a city holiday destination, with Gazelle opening the doors to anyone looking for free family fun, with a touch of the Christmas spirit.

This year, the family aims to bring back that magic.

“At Deep Pond Farm, the moment you open your car door, the sweet scent of Noble, balsam and Fraser fir fills the air,” the farm staff said in a statement. “Kids are running around, looking at the lights everywhere, petting the animals while sipping some hot cocoa, families sitting around the fire pit roasting some marshmallows, and the most important thing is that everyone is smiling and having fun.”

Gazelle and his family have one simple goal: to make the holiday season magical and unforgettable.

Deep Pond Farm and Stables lighting for the 2023 season

On Saturday, November 25, from 4-9 p.m., families are invited to kick off the holiday season at Deep Pond Farm for a festive lighting.

This year, the farm will add a life-size manger filled with live action figures on weekends in collaboration with First Baptist Church. Also get ready to take photos with the largest inflatable Santa in the entire state.

On November 26, the farm will host a clothing and toy sale for local children.

“Help us keep that smile on these kids’ faces.”

Keep an eye on the farm’s Facebook page for more details, and keep scrolling to see the farm all aglow from last year’s festivities.

Deep Pond Farm & Stables in Taunton is a Christmas oasis

The Gazelle family was looking to give back this holiday season and decided to transform their new farm into a winter wonderland for the holidays. Visit Deep Pond Farm and Stables on your trip to Taunton.

Gallery source: Maddy Levine

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Farms closest to New Bedford to mark your Christmas tree

Surprisingly, there are no cut-your-own Christmas tree farms on the South Coast. Most local families obtain pre-cut trees from a variety of places, but for those who want to get a little more hands-on this holiday, there are a few places within driving distance to not only cut your own tree, but also mark it That’s earlier in the season.

Photo gallery: Nancy Hall

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