Following John Pawson’s “The House of Life” in modern cinema

John Pawson’s Tŷ Bywyd, or ‘Life House’, is a secluded Welsh retreat designed and built with living architecture in mind. Remote and refined, ascetically designed and furnished for a short period of restorative contemplation, it is the ultimate aspirational modern retreat.

Living House, John Pawson Living Architecture

Living House, John Pawson Living Architecture

(Image credit: Living Architecture)

House of Life: a contemporary ‘meditation space’

In addition to a dedicated “meditation space,” Living Architecture notes that “the bedrooms in the Life House have been carefully designed to promote a feeling of relaxation and immersion in the pleasures of real life,” with specially curated libraries of books and music, along with a bathtub. Overlooking the wild Welsh landscape. Opened in 2016, it is a popular destination in the organisation’s portfolio of seven stunning architecturally designed homes.

You Should Have Left (2020), House of Living, John Pawson Living Architecture

You should have left (2020), House of Living, John Pawson Living Architecture

(Image credit: Blumhouse)

However, the House of Life also has a sinister side. The project has emerged as a crucial backdrop for not one, but two contemporary horror films, You should have left (2020) and Eid (2021). In every film, the location and architecture are the same – especially in the film You should have left – A rich source of the dread and danger that a classic haunted house movie brings to the setting.

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