Florida’s portability law could make homes sell again if only people knew about it

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What’s going on with all the questionable behavior going on around our waterfronts? There are X-rated activities captured on night vision video in Palm Beach, and now “unsavory acts” on Flagler Drive along Lake Worth Lagoon.

We know what activities are However, the hateful acts were not specified in a letter accompanying the request to close a portion of scenic Flagler Drive. I’ve seen a lot of fishing, dog walking, etc., but the unsavory things must happen after my bedtime.

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For those following the exciting Banyan Cay saga 😴, there’s another chapter and a promise, pinky swore, through their heartfelt pledge to bring the beleaguered project to an end. Thank goodness our chief business correspondent, Alexandra Clough, is back to write this article.

And not everyone is keen on Nora’s new billion-dollar extravaganza north of downtown West Palm Beach. Find out who the complainers are in Judy Wagner’s Palm Beach Daily News story.

Also, for people heading out for the season and need a place to rent, check out this dreamy blue charmer on South Olive in West Palm Beach. It’s just $29,000 a month! The kitchen alone is worth seeing. It’s not quite Zillow went wildBut…well you decide. 🧞‍♀️

West Palm Beach is vetoing Flagler’s fencing on private land despite concerns about dog fights and public shenanigans

There have been a lot of growing pains in West Palm Beach since the pandemic Attack Promoting new residents. Change can be difficult and people have complained about cramped homes, excessive traffic and the inability to get a restaurant reservation or hair appointment from Labor Day through Easter.

But, a new homeowner on scenic Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach wanted to put up a fence on his property east of the road and along the waterfront, and why not? He has 7,600 square feet east of Flagler, according to the property appraiser. There are some unanswered questions in this story, such as, why would an owner pay taxes, if they do, on what is essentially public land.

Not even the design kings could get past ArCom in Palm Beach unscathed

Jim and Sarah McCann are Palm Beaches real estate and design experts with empires like Hive Collective along the Dixie Corridor, but that doesn’t mean much to the Palm Beach Architectural Commission. The couple had hoped to get approval for a new North End home design to replace a 1956 property that had been in the family for decades.

The ArCom members were polite, and some described him as “eccentric” and “fun.” But, like countless sacrifices in changing the ArCom before them, it was back to the drawing board to re-examine the design.

Florida property tax law can save you thousands but you need a degree in linear algebra to understand it

We’ve all heard about portability…wait! Don’t just keep scrolling. This is important, and it’s time to eat your vegetables. It could mean the difference between whether you’re stuck in your current home for the rest of your life or whether you’re able to move. Portability is a state property tax law that allows you to take some of the homestead exemptions you’ve been dealing with all these years with you to your next home.

Just follow the subheadings in the story. I know we’re all suffering from social media-induced attention deficit disorder these days.

Jimmy Buffett loved Palm Beach because of the anonymity

Palm Beach may not exactly fit Jimmy Buffett’s Parrot Head persona, but the late singer was also a businessman and owned several homes on the island. He said he liked Palm Beach because no one bothered him. He told the Palm Beach Post in 2015 that he could walk around with “shocking anonymity.”

Luxury real estate reporter Darryl Hofheinz reviewed several of Buffett’s homes in a story following his death on September 1 at age 76. The best one is on Root Trail, an unassuming street with a Key West vibe (yes, in Palm Beach!) where you can see colorful surfboards propped up on a property.

Sorry Nora, there are no listings for Palm Beach properties

It was West Palm Beach’s turn to get a veto last month when the city of Palm Beach said it could not run ads for Nora’s development on a small parcel of land the city has owned across the lake since 1985.

There’s something about West Palm Beach applying for a private developer upgrade that’s caught the creeps of some council members. The developer in this case is not who you think he is. NDT Development of West Palm Beach is building the Nora project, among a few others.

Live lightly.

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