Five places to go paragliding in Europe

Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps in Germany


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Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps in Germany

Paragliding is gaining popularity around the world as a recreational and competitive adventure sport. Interestingly, paragliding not only opens doors for travelers to travel to remote corners and create employment opportunities, but it is also one of the air sports that leaves minimal harmful effects on the environment. But remember, whether you’re a beginner or experienced, and like to fly tandem or solo, there are several house rules to follow. Here are our favorite places to go paragliding in Europe.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Fly over this 19th-century castle and surrounding mountains in Germany’s Bavarian Alps. Located on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau, the palace is said to have been the inspiration for the Walt Disney Company. The hill usually witnesses a wave of paragliding between March and October. You can get there from Munich.

Linz, Austria

The region enjoys exceptionally stable climatic conditions

Located in the Austrian Alps, East Tyrol is famous for its historical sites, folk culture and ski resorts. The mountains here attract paragliders due to favorable weather conditions. According to paragliding enthusiasts, the region has exceptionally stable climatic conditions. Tandem flying is very popular in Linz. You can take advantage of the views of the Dolomites. You can get to Linz from Innsbruck.

Tenerife, Spain

Stable air currents and beautiful scenery are the reasons why kitesurfers head to the largest of the Canary Islands. Weather conditions are suitable for beginners. Hence, you will find flying schools that offer tandem flights and lessons as well. You can fly to either of the two airports on Tenerife or take a ferry from the southern coast of Spain.

Val di Fiemme, Italy

Enjoy panoramic views of the Lagorai Range and the Dolomites

Located in the province of Trentino in northern Italy, this area has gained popularity among paragliding enthusiasts. Enjoy panoramic views of the Lagorai Range and the Dolomites. Tandem trips are popular here. You can visit Val di Fiemme from Rome and many other places.

Bella Dune, France

The tallest sand dunes in Europe are the Pilate Dunes, also known as Grande du Pilate

The tallest sand dunes in Europe are the Pilate Dunes, also known as Grande du Pilate. It is located near La Teste-de-Buch, near the Bay of Arcachon, along the Atlantic coast of France. This paragliding location in France is considered one of the best in Western Europe. One can go paragliding at any time of the year. Aside from the stunning views, paragliding enthusiasts can try different techniques. It is a favorite of experienced paragliders. You can travel from Paris, Bordeaux and other places.

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