First briefing: A deadly explosion in a hospital rocks Gaza; The House of Representatives plans to vote on its second speaker

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Hundreds of people were killed There was a huge explosion in the crowded Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, according to health authorities in Gaza. The cause of the explosion has not been confirmed. Israel says a failed rocket launch attempt by Palestinian Islamic Jihad caused the explosion, while Palestinian leaders blamed an Israeli airstrike. This sparked outrage across the Middle East and prompted President Biden to cancel his trip to Jordan.

  • NPR’s Ruth Sherlock is in Tel Aviv, Where you talk to a doctor in the hospital over the phone. He told her they were still recovering bodies, many of them infants. on up first, Sherlock says people think the Christian hospital is the safest place in Gaza. The attack also exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region. Editor’s note: This report contains graphical details.
  • “Things are very tense now.” NPR’s Michelle Kelemen reports from Amman, Jordan. It says that Biden, who arrived in Tel Aviv this morning, is trying to contain the conflict.
  • NPR’s Jane Arraf in front of the Israeli embassy in AmmanWhere demonstrators gathered after the explosion. One man told her he came because the world “forgot the Palestinians.” Arraf stated that the Jordanian government is “deeply concerned.” They, along with Egypt, fear the possibility of pushing more Palestinian refugees to their countries. She says they also don’t want to see Palestinians give up their lands, making it difficult for them to return.
  • Follow the latest updates About the hospital attack and Biden’s trip to Israel in this NPR live blog.

paying off For more coverage, different perspectives and analysis of this conflict.

Ohio State Rep. Jim Jordan failed to win Enough votes to become Speaker of the House yesterday. The House is expected to meet again today at 11:00 a.m. ET for another vote.

The book ban movement has had an impact About a beloved school tradition: Scholastic book fairs. The organization has received criticism for separating most of its books on race and gender into different displays and allowing schools to opt out of ordering them.

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Ruth Infante (second from left), a single mother of three, and her classmates wear flowing traditional dresses to attend a dance performance <em>Cumbia</em> At a festival "Care block" Center in Bogota, Colombia.  This class is one of the free services provided to anyone in the neighborhood who is taking care of their family without pay.” /resize/1760×990!/quality/90/? 2x” width= “880” height=”495″ src=”×2234+0+0/resize/880×495!/quality/90/ ?” loading=”lazy” bad-src=”data:image /svg+xml;base64,PHN2ZyB4bWxucz0iaHR0cDovL3d3dy53My5vcmcvMjAwMC9zdmciIHZlcnNpb249IjEuMSIgaGVpZ2h0PSI0OTVweCIgd2lkdGg9Ijg4MHB4Ij48L3N2Zz4=”/></p>
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Ruth Infante (second from left), single mother of three, and her colleagues wear flowing traditional dresses Cumbia A dance performance at the Care Block Center in Bogotá, Colombia. This class is one of the free services provided to anyone in the neighborhood who is caring for their family without pay.

All over the world, women do the bulk of the care In their families. The work is often underappreciated and underpaid. A pilot program in Bogota, Colombia, aims to ease this invisible burden by helping women pursue their interests outside the home — all within walking distance. They take dance lessons, finish their studies, and get help finding jobs.

Look over About how the program creates a community and positively impacts their lives through these images.

Life advice

Huizing Hu/Getty Images


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HGTV Laundry man Hosts Patrick Richardson wants you to forget everything your parents taught you about doing laundry. The self-described “laundry evangelist” offers tips to make your clothes last longer and save money.

  • Use warm water and rapid cycle. You don’t have to worry too much about fresh dyes bleeding.
  • Use natural laundry soap – But not too much – to avoid leaving residue on your clothes. Stains can be pre-treated with white vinegar and water.
  • Place sensitive items (Even the “dry clean only” ones!) In mesh bags.
  • Use dryer sparingly And rely on air drying when possible.

3 things you should know before you go

A cosplayer dresses up as a packed Barbie doll while attending MCM Comic Con at ExCeL Exhibition Center in London on May 26.

Henry Nichols/AFP via Getty Images


AFP via Getty Images

A cosplayer dresses up as a packed Barbie doll while attending MCM Comic Con at ExCeL Exhibition Center in London on May 26.

  1. What are your plans for Halloween? Americans are spending a record amount on fashion, and you’ll be seeing a lot of Barbie dolls this year.
  2. Move over, Carolina Reaper. The wrinkly yellow-green X pepper is officially the hottest pepper in the world.
  3. US Fish and Wildlife Service He named 21 extinct species, including birds, bats, and several mussels.

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