Fighting over broken necklace leads to shooting at Edgewater – NBC 6 South Florida apartment

What started as a Friday night hangout between a group of people turned into a shooting at the Bay Parc Apartment complex in downtown Miami.

Resident Chris Apostle says he heard gunshots as he went to bed and was disturbed by the violence.

According to the arrest certificate, the suspect, who we now know as 27-year-old Louis Olivier Charles, went to the victim’s apartment to have drinks with a group of people when a fight ensued.

Miami police reportedly responded just before 10:00 p.m. to the Bay Parc Apartments after receiving a call from a man saying he had shot someone.

Upon his arrival, the officers met the man in the hallway, and later discovered that he was the suspect, Louis Olivier Charles.

Meanwhile, Miami police also responded to Jackson Memorial Hospital after reports of a man being shot.

Eyewitnesses described seeing Charles arguing with the victim near the apartment complex’s pool – about Charles breaking the victim’s necklace.

They separated the two, a witness said, and the victim and other witnesses who tried to leave followed to their rental car, which was parked on the second floor parking garage, but were followed by Charles.

That’s when the witness said the argument escalated. Charles admitted that he “fired a shot” when he fell to the ground when the victim tried to punch him.

Two witnesses allegedly took the victim to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Hospital staff told authorities that the victim was undergoing surgery and was in critical condition.

The Bay Parc Community Manager sent this email to all residents saying in part, “Although we are grateful that our residents and teammates are safe, this is a stark and frightening reminder of why we have safety protocols in place, and how important they are.” It is for all of us to take an active role in keeping our community safe.

The community manager emphasized that the safety of its residents is their top priority, emphasizing certain protocols such as: all residents are required to obtain a criminal background check as part of the application process and that use of a firearm by a resident or guest is dangerous. Serious breach of the lease.

Charles has since been transferred to TGK.

While he claimed self-defense, the arrest affidavit states that the level of force used by the defendant did not match the level of force used by the victim. He is charged with attempted murder.

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