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Stunning foliage over the Smoky Mountains.Image from photographyJohn Haynes

When fall arrives, there’s no better place to enjoy the dazzling colors than the forests and trails of the southeastern USA.

From the soaring peaks of the Appalachian Mountains dipped in crimson to the cypress swamps glowing gold, the region abounds with unforgettable foliage views.

Grab the kids, lace up your shoes, and embark on a refreshing outdoor excursion to enjoy the vibrant fall colors.


The SE is a great place for hiking.Image from photographyJohn Haynes

Journey deep into the ancient Southern Appalachians this fall to experience the full splendor of the mountains decked out in their fall regalia. While the highest peaks attract experienced hikers, there are plenty of family-friendly trails that offer stunning views across hills and valleys ablaze in autumn.

While Rouen’s upper elevations can be rigorous, families can enjoy the views by taking an easy walk across the open bald. Drive to Carvers Gap and take the short road to Engine Gap. Enjoy the vibrant valleys extending below the ancient grasslands on the mountaintop.

Take a gentle stroll over the grassy Max Patch bald area for family-friendly views. At an elevation of 4,629 feet, this is the perfect place to spot wave after wave of Blue Ridge fall colors. Let the kids have fun and fly kites over the sea of ​​upside down cards.

Journey into the heart of the Old Smokies to see Mother Nature’s paintbrush in action. The 5-mile Alum Cave Trail winds through a kaleidoscope of oranges, reds and yellows, creating a unique geological formation. Kids will love scrambling over the huge stone arch towering above the forest.

The grassy meadows on the slopes of the Blue Ridge region bloom with lush colors. Kids can run free while sitting on the split rail fences and enjoy the vibrant forests and rolling peaks. You can easily walk to Longrock for great views.

The legendary Appalachian Trail offers plenty of family-friendly ways to experience fall in all its glory. You can walk small scenic sections, climb areas with panoramic views, or drive trails to stunning views.

For relaxing fall views, take the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah, stopping at the scenic overlooks. Hike the short trails like Limberlost and Hawsbill for stunning foliage views. Drive to the top of Bearfence Mountain and hike the Summit Loop Trail.

Pedal the 11-mile Cades Cove Loop by bike to immerse your family in fall’s curtain call without overly tiring the legs. Bear and deer sightings are common as you pass orchards, log cabins, and historic churches backed by a sea of ​​autumn fire.

Walk along the mountain-lined Oconaluftee River in the Great Smokies and experience the woods’ recruitment in the fall. Look for wildlife like elk grazing across meadows painted gold and orange. Let the kids splash their faces in the refreshing river waterfall.


Hiking is a great family activity in the southern USA.Image from photographyJohn Haynes

From powerful waterfalls cascading into leafy hollows to a gentle veil surrounded by an autumn palette, the Southeast boasts some of the most stunning fall-colored waterfalls anywhere. Take the family to marvel at these natural wonders.

A short hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway leads to views of these powerful waterfalls cascading into the fall forests. Children will marvel at the drama of the cascades and cascades plunging into lush, vibrant valleys. Pack a lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables after taking in various views over the swamped Linville River.

A brisk half-mile walk allows children to stand in awe as water is immersed in a colorful bowl. Look from the platform for a rainbow in the mist as the creek spills into the bright forest. You cross a small, whimsical bridge on the return loop.

The hike to these falls leads to a vibrant hollow filled with towering oaks and tulip poplars that shine golden in fall. Young children who are tired of hiking can always come back at the halfway point. Take the short spur to stand near the bottom of the scenic 100-foot waterfall.

Some of the most dramatic fall scenes come from sitting on the edge of a steep Appalachian Gorge filled with vibrant colors. Take it easy on the rim trails to safely enjoy the views in the deep recesses.

While hiking the steep gorge is strenuous, families can access multiple views of the vibrant wooded basin via easier rim trails. Stand in awe alongside the kids at the breathtaking landscape 1,000 feet below fall foliage from the top of sheer rock walls.

While the descent into the gorge is steep, families can enjoy views extending over the golden and ruby ​​forest floor from the easy trails and overlooks. Let kids enjoy the visitor center’s interactive interpretive exhibits focusing on the stunning environment.


Amazing foliage of the Smoky Mountains.Image from photographyJohn Haynes

The southeast is dotted with expansive protected parks and green spaces perfect for family fall adventures. Moderate trails pass through historic sites, tranquil lakes and abundant forest scenery.

For an easy lowland walk, check out the 2.4-mile upland walk loop through the heart of the Congaree moors. Kids will feel adventurous as they dodge knobby cypress knees and gaze at the golden leaves reflected in the dark water. Look for river otters and owls lurking in the colorful foliage.

After exploring the grand mansion decorated for fall, families will love crossing the paths through the surrounding forests ablaze in fall. Try easy hikes like the Azalea Garden Trail or forest trails along the French Broad River splashed in a patchwork of glowing hues.

Hike the easy 1.5-mile Lakeside Trail for stunning views across this tranquil oasis that reflects the glow of the forest. Kids will love gazing out into the misty fall mornings to look for Canada geese and singing swans floating amidst the colors of the wetlands.

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the blazing foliage of the Southeastern USA as brilliant colors illuminate the diverse landscape. Bring your kids to the car to create unforgettable memories and explore these family-friendly trails that offer adventure and natural beauty against the gorgeous fall palette. Just be sure to respect trail regulations and always walk within your family’s boundaries.

We hope this guide inspires your family to venture into the fall splendor of nature across the southeastern USA. But the trip doesn’t have to end when you get home from the trails!

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