Expect significant construction early next year

Amtrak is preparing to close parts of the 30th Street Station as it moves forward with a $550 million renovation that will create a new outdoor plaza along Market Street, renovate the station’s restaurants and shops, and upgrade systems throughout the massive rail station.

Among other changes, the federal agency says it plans to place the station’s former departure sign in a “prominent location” in the passenger concourse.

The iconic 1970s-era Solari sign was replaced five years ago with an ADA-compliant electronic sign, sparking protests from travelers who missed the classic clicking sound and calling for its return. Its new location will be a “non-functional” museum display, according to Amtrak spokesman Beth Toll, and will remain uncharacteristically silent. The installation date has not been announced.

Officially named the William H. Gray III 30th Street Station after the late Pennsylvania congressman and civil rights activist, the 80-year-old building is Amtrak’s third-busiest transit hub, serving more than 3 million passengers annually. It is being renovated with funding from the $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill passed in 2021.

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