Excursion without luggage on board and Sardinian village with free rental

A flight took off from Switzerland to Spain with a plane full of passengers, but left their bags behind.

Elsewhere, former world champion tennis player Maria Sharapova has teamed up with Aman Resorts to co-create spas around the world, and parts of Emirates’ first Airbus A380 are being recycled as baggage tags.

Here’s a summary of the latest travel and tourism news – in case you missed it.

Emirates’ first Airbus A380 receives baggage tags

The first Airbus A380 was delivered to Emirates in July 2008, parts of which are sold as baggage tags.

The tag series, made from recycled aluminum from the dismantled aircraft, which flew under registration A6-EDA, was created by Aviationtag in partnership with Falcon Aircraft Recycling.

It is on sale on the Aviationtag website for €59.95 ($64) and is available in 62 versions, each depicting a different airport that the giant plane passed through, and divided into groups by continent. There are 380 tags per version and 23,560 total.

The markings also come with certificates of authenticity from Dubai Airlines, which retired the aircraft in April 2020.

A portion of the profits from sales will be donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation, which supports underprivileged children around the world.

The plane took off without any luggage on board

Passengers disembarking on a Swiss International Airlines flight from Zurich to Bilbao are said to have waited two hours for their bags to appear on the airport conveyor belt before realizing they were not coming.

The plane took off from Switzerland with 111 passengers on board, but without any checked bags on board. The airline said this was due to a shortage of ground staff.

After a delay, staff decided to travel without any luggage so they could return to Zurich before its airport closed for the night due to a strict night-time curfew, which runs between 11.30pm and 6am.

“Most of the luggage would have been delivered to Bilbao the next day,” an airline representative told CNN. They added: “We deeply understand the frustration and anger of passengers” and “we are currently reviewing our operations.”

The Sardinian village offers free accommodation for digital nomads

The village of Ololai in central Sardinia has launched a two-year plan that allows remote workers to stay, one at a time, rent-free for three months. As with many other Italian cities, Ololai’s population is dwindling and the economy needs a boost. In the last century, its population decreased from 2,250 to 1,300 people.

Participants will stay in homes formerly occupied by farmers and shepherds, which have been renovated to include an office and high-speed internet. The municipality covers rent and municipal services taxes, although travelers need to pay their own transportation and airfare costs.

They must also have a proven background as a digital nomad and share their knowledge with the local community, whether it is in the form of a conference, article, research paper or documentary.

This week, Clarice Bartis, 39, a software designer from Los Angeles, became the first digital nomad to participate in the program. Anyone else who would like to participate must apply online before the end of the year.

Couples go for a run during the AlUla Health Festival

The AlUla Health Festival, held in the old city of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, returns for its third year next month with a host of activities and industry experts.

This includes a four-night couples’ retreat under the supervision of specialist therapists. The package includes one tent per couple, airport pick-up and drop-off, daily meals, plus one romantic dinner in the valley.

Partners can also participate in activities such as stargazing and a tour of Hegra, the largest preserved Nabatean site south of Petra and the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The festival runs from October 19 to November 4.

Maria Sharapova is involved in the creation of health resorts

Former world-class tennis player Maria Sharapova has teamed up with Aman Resorts to co-create spas around the world, the first of which will be located in Amanpuri in Thailand.

The group’s flagship hotel, located on a private peninsula on the west coast of Phuket Island, will host guests at a three-night performance and recovery retreat in February 2024.

Sharapova will nurture and guide her fellow athletes through a series of activities, dining experiences and question-and-answer sessions with experts she has worked with over her 20-year career.

I also designed a half-day strength and recovery retreat for Aman New York, which is now available as an add-on for existing bookings.

Details of her other retreats have not yet been revealed.

Japan Airlines’ clothing rental service has become global

Since its launch in July, Japan Airlines’ Any Wear, Anywhere pilot service appears to be really taking off.

The airline says it has received requests from travelers in more than 100 countries to participate in the service, which allows them to reserve a set of clothes and receive them at their hotel upon arrival. Users in the US and Australia are said to have had the highest uptake.

The service, which will continue until the end of August next year, aims to reduce carbon emissions by reducing weight on the Japanese national carrier’s aircraft.

Users can log on to the project’s website, choose from a handful of options — whether women’s or men’s clothing, seasonal items, smart or casual, and tops and bottoms — and schedule pickup and delivery. Clothes are either pre-owned or from excess company inventory.

Prices range from $34 to $48 for the entire rental period, and at the end of people’s stay, clothes are returned, washed and reused.

Updated: September 18, 2023 at 8:24 am

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