Exceptional craftsmanship makes this modern little product extremely stylish

Small Canadian brands have earned a reputation in the industry, and for good reason. Anyone looking for the finest craftsmanship, combined with smart design and premium equipment, has the best chance of finding it in one of these construction company portfolios. The Helikon is one of the most impressive models ever designed by Summit Tiny Homes, featuring uncompromising functionality and impeccable style.

Summit Tiny Homes models are instantly recognizable due to their striking and carefully crafted exteriors. Other brands prefer to keep the outside as simple as possible and focus only on what’s inside. However, in these homes, every silhouette is a work of art. They’re the kind of homes on wheels that you’ll be proud to show off and are guaranteed to turn heads on the road.

Helicon catches the eye with its double appearance, giving the impression of two different halves together. The slight asymmetry, combined with the strong contrast in color and texture, creates a stunning visual impact. Helikon looks rustic and contemporary at the same time. One thing is for sure – once you see it, it will be hard to forget.

Extra large sliding doors made of glass are the house’s main connection to the outside. Although equipped with decent-sized windows, Helikon doesn’t try to create the illusion of indoor-outdoor space. Like all rustic-inspired tiny houses, it focuses on feeling cozy and protected against the elements without becoming too isolated.

Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

Inside, instead of the common Scandinavian-inspired simplicity, you’ll be delighted to discover a rustic aesthetic overlaid with timeless elegance. Woodwork in its finest form abounds. Rustic ceilings replace the typical white ceilings, creating a seamless harmony with flooring in similar natural shades. There are wooden beams and other touches everywhere, creating the magical atmosphere of a cabin in the woods.

Those who consider the kitchen to be the most important part of the house will be happy to explore Helikon Kitchen. It occupies a large area of ​​the house without being occupied by other rooms. There is a huge old-fashioned refrigerator next to the entrance. All other premium appliances are seamlessly integrated into the farmhouse-like decor. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary comfort and nostalgic style.

The lavish L-shaped kitchen hides a secret hack. Part of the beautifully crafted worktop is actually a separate dining table. When combined with the main work surface, it adds space for preparing meals and can double as a practical workspace. When detached, it can be easily moved towards the entryway to create an instant dining space with ample seating.

Large upper cabinets and shelves add plenty of storage space, while two large windows with beautiful wood frames keep this entire part of the house filled with natural light and fresh air.


Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

Helikon creates a seamless transition from the kitchen to the living room area, which can also provide additional accommodation. There is a huge L-shaped sofa between the loft access ladder and the wall separating the lounge and bathroom. This placement adds a touch of privacy – the Helikon living room feels like a cozy and luxurious cocoon. Meanwhile, with a large window in front and another behind, the luxurious sofa has the best views.

Behind the partition wall, the luxurious bathroom reveals the same sophisticated blend of rustic beauty and premium amenities. A walk-in shower, standard toilet and large vanity ensure the luxurious comfort of a modern abode, while elements such as wooden beams and a timber-framed window add an elegant touch.
Stairs are not everyone’s favorite, but they are a ubiquitous feature inside small cottages. The Helikon ladder is massive enough to provide safety but integrated so that it does not interfere with the decor in any way.

This beautiful loft bedroom is all about plush comfort – a huge, welcoming bed surrounded only by wooden benches that double as shelves for easy-access storage. A small skylight provides additional connection to the outdoors, as well as two medium-sized windows. The loft also comes with a built-in security wall that ensures adequate privacy as well.


Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

The standard Helikon comes in dimensions of 24 x 8.5 feet (7.3 x 2.5 meters), with a total usable area of ​​220 square feet (20.4 square metres). It’s smaller in size compared to other Summit Tiny Homes models, but it’s so cleverly designed that it feels much larger. Ideal for one or two people, and can accommodate up to four people. The larger version, the Helikon XL, comes with an additional bedroom on the main floor.

Pricing starts at $164,499 CAD ($129,999 USD). Many of the expiration dates that are still available for next year come with a savings of $5,000. Best of all, the Canadian builder includes their luxury finishes and fixtures in all standard offerings.

Even without any additional features, Helikon can easily be described as a dream home on wheels. Exquisite attention to detail and uncompromising comfort prove that limited space is perfectly compatible with a luxurious lifestyle.

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