Enjoy the modern nostalgia of the Tecno PhantomV Flip 5G

Phones used to be fun. In the late ’90s and early 2000s, you had circle-shaped phones, book-shaped phones, foldable phones, slider phones, and even phones small enough to fit into a pen case. Telephone technology was innovative and exciting. Somewhere along the way, the industry lost its spark, and nowadays every new phone is the same rectangular panel. If you are a technology enthusiast, a 90s kid who misses the technology of that time, or just someone who enjoys fun and efficient technology, then let me introduce you to the Tecno PhantomV flip 5G.

What’s in the box?

When you buy your Tecno PhantomV flip 5G in the box, you will find this

  • the phone
  • 45W charger and cable
  • Plastic phone case
  • 2 sticker pack

Specifications and feel

The PHANTOM V Flip 5G features a Dimensity 8050 chipset with a 6nm processor which makes it an excellent gaming phone. Battery life also contributes to the quality of gaming as the phone comes with a non-removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. If you work from your phone or rely heavily on it, consider this phone because the processing power and battery life make working a great experience. It has a fingerprint scanner on the side which is also the on/off button. The phone does not have a headphone jack and only one SIM slot which is a common feature for smartphones these days. This seems like a downgrade for Tecno; I’ve come to expect more from Tecno when it comes to innovation, and I’m sure many users would love more than one SIM slot. However, the 45W charger takes your phone from zero to almost full (80%) in 30 minutes.

The Phantom V Flip has 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM, which is more than enough storage space for all your photos and videos. It has an edge-to-edge foldable OLED display and measures 171.7 x 74.1 x 7mm when unfolded and 88.8 x 74.1 x 15mm when folded. It has a 64-megapixel main rear camera and a 13-megapixel selfie camera.

The phone has a soft and attractive leather skin. I was concerned about the durability of the leather-bodied phone, so I scratched it to test the quality and was pleasantly surprised when my fingernails couldn’t leave any mark.

Modern nostalgia

As the title of this piece suggests, tecno has somehow combined modern technology into a nostalgic foldable phone. I love the thinness of this device. When folded, it is compact and fits in the palm of my hand and in my bags very comfortably. When opened, the device’s flat surface, combined with its light weight, makes it comfortable to use with one hand. The back of the phone has a round OLED screen that displays the time and an animated wallpaper. The screen works like a smart watch. If you scroll down on this, you will be able to access quick features like wifi, bluetooth, and hotspot. Swipe up from the bottom and you’ll get a quick look at your notifications. Swipe left and you can get quick widgets like the camera and even take selfies with your phone locked. Swipe right and you’ll get the music controls to play, pause, or shuffle what’s playing on your phone. Looking at the back screen that lights up when I fold the device takes me back in time. Live wallpapers were popular at one point and I love the idea of ​​bringing back simple, fun features. I also enjoyed being able to tell the time at a glance without being distracted by the phone’s other features.

The screen on the back also houses the three rear camera lenses. When it comes to the camera quality of this phone, I am not a fan of the selfie camera but for a phone that costs around N390, the rear camera is great. You can capture photos and videos in 4K resolution giving you crystal clear videos and photos. This camera also comes with an anti-shake feature which is perfect for content creators and anyone else who wants steady video.

Unlike other foldable devices currently on the market, the Tecno Phantom V Flip doesn’t crease. Tecno has advanced their technology to the point that they have created a foldable screen without the annoying visible demarcation/crease where it folds. Due to the folding technology, there is a small bezel on the screen. It’s not a big deal because your fingers still easily slide across the screen but in the future, I hope manufacturers will come up with a place where they can create a foldable phone without the foldable bezel.

The 6.9-inch AMOLED display (84.6% screen-to-body ratio) paired with a display with a resolution of 1080 x 2640 pixels and a peak brightness of 1000 nits delivers a clear and vivid display. Watching videos on this phone is an enjoyable experience.

This device runs on HiOS software designed with artificial intelligence called Ella. Unlike other phone assistants, Ella is connected to ChatGPT and can easily run it for you. He made my work experience easier because I had him write emails and respond to texts.

With 5G becoming more common, I’d expect nothing less from a new phone launch. Tecno Phantom V Flip offers enhanced browsing speeds thanks to its 5G network capability. If you don’t need 5G, it also allows you to switch to 2G and 3G.

Final verdict: I love the premium look and feel of this phone.

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