Emirates Airlines is crowned the World Airline Apex 2024

Emirates was crowned Global Airline of the Year 2024 at the APEX/IFSA Awards in Long Beach, California. Furthermore, in recognition of its amenities packages, the airline also received the 2024 International Federation for Aviation Safety Award for “Best Onboard Amenities.”

Apex World Airlines 2024

APEX is one of the world’s largest international airline associations. It is a global non-profit organization with a mission to sustainably enhance airline passenger experiences through meaningful engagement, innovation, appreciation and collaboration across the entire global aviation industry. It aims to be the voice of passengers and help the aviation industry invest in more sustainable and collaborative solutions to enhance journeys for all passengers.

APEX Official Airline Ratings™ was the industry’s first-ever validated and certified award, upon which travelers rate their overall airline experience from 1 to 5, with five stars being the highest accolade. This rating body has since become the way APEX awards airlines its WORLD CLASS award. The award is a way to honor airlines that excel in customer experience.

Emirates Airline’s commitment to excellence

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Emirates wins APEX World Class Airline of the Year 2024 award © climax

The airline’s commitment to ensuring ‘better travel’ for passengers was highlighted in its receipt of the World Airline Award. This was a great honor for Emirates, one of only eight airlines to receive this award. The airline was honored for mastering the guest experience and demonstrating the highest global standards for providing outstanding customer service, as well as being evaluated through an audit of service quality, safety and health control initiatives.

After celebrating a year of record profits, as well as a successful first year in premium economy, the airline has invested heavily in enhancing its in-flight service with new menus (including vegan options), a champagne and caviar experience in first class, and specialist hospitality. Cabin crew training, modernization of cabin interiors in all classes, and much more. Emirates is also taking notable steps on its journey towards a more sustainable future with its recent commitment of $200 million to fund research and development projects focused on reducing the fossil fuel footprint of commercial aviation, as well as partnering with leading organizations to work on solutions. In advanced fuel and energy technologies.

APEX CEO, Dr. Joe Leader, said,

“Tonight, we did more than just acknowledge the ingenuity and passion of the aviation industry, we paid tribute to global leaders at Apex 2024 like Emirates, who have written a golden chapter in the annals of air travel beyond five stars. I had the honor of spending priceless moments with President Sir Tim Clark at the FTE EMEA event organized by APEX in Dublin earlier this year. The insights, vision and sheer boldness of Emirates’ approach to revolutionizing the skies is carried through every word he shared. Emirates is not just an airline; it is a symphony of innovation, ambition and enduring commitment With excellence.

Economy Class Amenity Kits – Emirates Sustainable Luxury

The airline also won the 2024 IFSA award for “Best In-Flight Amenities” for its amazing range of economy class amenity kits and more free of charge for passengers on long-haul flights.

The bags are reusable, made from washable kraft paper and feature custom art graphics printed with non-toxic soy-based ink to show their journey towards becoming more sustainable. The kit’s contents include a selection of durable travel essentials – all made from eco-friendly materials – such as toothbrushes made from wheat, straw and plastic, as well as socks and eye masks made from recycled plastic (rPET – recycled polyethylene terephthalate). ).

4 Emirates Economy Class bags are on display with an eye mask and toothbrush underneath
Emirates Economy Class amenity kits feature designs representing the four basic elements of nature – water, earth, fire and air © Emirates

In addition to the amenity kits, Emirates has also invested in several other initiatives for economy class customers, which also focus on being more sustainable where possible, such as comfort blankets made from recycled plastic bottles – a scheme that has prevented more than 95 million bottles. plastic from going to landfill over the past six years. Baby essentials and toy bags are also available for the younger generation flying with Emirates, all made from sustainable materials, recycled plastic bottles, and wooden tea and coffee stirrers on board.

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