Earl Spencer’s wife Karen has been forced to defend an overhaul at Princess Diana’s former home after concerns from fans

The late Princess Diana once lived at Althorp House in Northamptonshire with her siblings, and now her brother, Earl Charles Spencer, has inherited the property.

On Thursday, Charles’ wife, Karen, revealed big plans to completely overhaul the Grade II-listed property, and was later forced to clarify the plans after fans worried there would be a major shake-up.

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To share the news, Countess Spencer uploaded a photo of one of the house’s wonky doors. “I love this door,” she wrote. “It is a wonderful example of the whimsical nature of this 500-year-old house. It also embodies the challenges of the long-awaited renovation we are about to embark on.”

“It’s been over 4 years of study and work with architects, planners and our amazing team here at Althorp to carefully imagine and plan the latest version of this wonderful home. How do we make it work the way we want it to work? I’ve spent a long time thinking about this point, and we’ve finally arrived at there!

“But this door is also a perfect example of the unexpected challenges the project presents. Just when you think you can rely on a straight line, you discover you can’t. I can’t imagine how this door got so crooked! The pipes weren’t where they should be In it, and when you thought you knew where the beam was, you didn’t… We reveal all the secrets of these houses.

© Instagram
Althorp House is about to undergo major renovations

“I’m sure it will take the better part of 5 years to complete, but in the end, the entire house will be renovated. There is very little that Charles has done that I think needs to be changed, he worked with the amazing Edward Bulmer @edward_bulmer for 30 years They chose the most amazing paintings and did a fantastic job of highlighting the classic elegance of Althorp.

“I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you! Coming soon!”

Aerial photo of Althorp, Northamptonshire© Getty
The late Princess Diana lived in Althorp

Many fans were thrilled about the exciting new chapter for the royal, with one writing: “How exciting to be sharing this adventure with all of us. Dropping every detail along the way!” Another added: “Thank you so much for sharing your home with us!!!”

Althorp Library
The house will be treated inside and out

Others were a little concerned that Karen might have plans to change wonky historic features in favor of clean lines. One added: “I say leave the door alone. Houses, even large ones, settle for what they should be. Perfection is so sterile and overrated,” he added: “Please don’t resort to straight lines and hit all the idiosyncrasies and personalities.” A truly wonderful historical splendor!!!” another wrote.

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Charles Spencer with his wife Karen© Michael Kovac
The couple appreciates the home’s history

Karen was quick to reassure her fans that the weird doors weren’t going anywhere, replying: “Don’t worry, we won’t try to make the door, or any other door, straight if it’s not. That’s part of the magic.”

Charles and Karen take great pride in showcasing the amazing history of the house and often share interesting facts on their Instagram feeds.

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