Diane Sawyer’s living room celebrates one of the year’s biggest design trends |

Diane Sawyer sold her estate on Martha’s Vineyard, Chub chipfor nearly $24 million — but we can’t let it pass without a love letter to our favorite room.

The living space, located within a 20-acre beachfront community, celebrates everything we love about quintessential Martha’s Vineyard style: showcasing soft neutral furnishings, coordinating ornaments, and short windows flanking the Atlantic Ocean. However, Diane’s heavy use of walnut stands out above all else.

We may already know the practical and aesthetic benefits of wood paneling, but the broadcaster has taken this material to even greater levels. Her dramatic use of wood is the most obvious talking point in the living room and supports the classic and traditional aesthetic. However, despite its quintessential style, overuse of wood has never been done this way before.

Diane Sawyer's living room

(Image credit: Bob Gothard/Wallace & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty)

It may seem unlikely that there’s a connection between Diane Sawyer’s living room and the current TikTok trend, but as Rhiannon Jones, interior designer and head of the Piglet in Bed brand, says…, He suggests her space accidentally taps into one of this year’s most popular interior design trends: Cabinecore.

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