Details of James Martin’s secret house with his girlfriend Louise who she knows nothing about

James Martin, 51, lives in Hampshire with his girlfriend Louise Davies, but what about his funky house on wheels?

In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, the celebrity chef revealed that he has his own motorhome to move around.

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Asked if he would consider living abroad, he said England would always be his permanent home.

He explained: “It is true that I passed everywhere, but the fields of Hampshire and England called me again.” “I’m very happy where I am, my neighbors are great, it’s a beautiful part of the world and I have no plans to move.” Then he added: “If I’m worried, I just get in my motorhome and leave.”

The star and his partner Louise

He’s not the only celebrity to have invested in a motorhome, as Carol Vorderman has her own Vordervan. When the Countdown star revealed her camping ambitions, she said: “I’m a Celebrity, it was the first time I slept under the stars for three whole weeks, no tent, just sky and air, and I became addicted to being outside. I ordered a 4×4 van; “I’m working with a company to convert it. I have a lot of farmer friends and I want to park my car in their fields. I’ll go see my colleagues more, and stop in the lake area.”

Carol has her own travel van

As for James, unsurprisingly, he likes the good things in life and when asked While he takes a break from his television duties, he simply says, “I walk my dogs, fish, and work in my garden.”

James Park is a complete retreat and has many beautiful features. It has an impressive outdoor kitchen, stunning countryside views and a sentimental greenhouse.

James loves his perfect home

Will James and his girlfriend Louise get married?

When asked about his plans to walk down the aisle, James told the Sunday People in 2019: “No, it doesn’t matter to me at all, mainly because I’ve sponsored a lot of weddings, really.

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“I admire people who do it, it’s okay, but I’m very happy. I don’t need to spend 60 grand a day, no, I’m more than happy thanks.”

James also revealed that he and partner Louise are not planning to start a family, as the celebrity chef prefers to focus on work instead.

James has no plans to marry

Speaking to Hello!, James looked back on his busy year. “The year has been a lot of work, a new book, a new restaurant, and I’ve traveled a lot. World peace has to be my hope for 2024,” he said.

James Martin’s new book is called The Spanish Adventure by James Martin and it comes out October 26th.

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