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The Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts has announced the 2024 Pasadena Showcase House of Design, one of the oldest, largest and most successful home and garden tours in the country.

Potter Daniels Manor, Pasadena Design’s 59th showcase home, boasts a significant historical background, many storied owners and even a prestigious designation as a Pasadena City Landmark.

Potter Daniels Manor, located at 141 N. Grand Ave., was built in 1902 as a graceful shingle-style structure, but was exquisitely converted in 1922 into an English Tudor Revival Style estate, creating a storybook home This radiant classic is earned. Naming city landmarks.

“We are very pleased to be back in Pasadena and to be able to present such a large and distinguished city landmark as the 59th Pasadena Design Fair,” said Susan Hart, President of the Pasadena Art Fair.

Public tours of the Showcase House of Design will be conducted from April 21 to May 19, 2024. Gold tickets are on sale now.

This house was originally built by Gertrude Potter Daniels, the wife of a wealthy Chicago businessman, in 1902 by Joseph J. Blake, a pioneering Pasadena architect. It served as a “winter home” for the Daniels family, offering a shingle-style design and a price tag of $15,000, a large sum for the era. Set amidst the beauty of Arroyo Seco with views of vineyards and citrus orchards, this residence became a glamorous and luxurious place for entertaining, attracting distinguished guests, including President Theodore Roosevelt.

In 1905, the house was acquired by Susannah Bransford Emery Holmes, known as the “Silver Queen” after her late husband’s success in the Silver King mines in Utah. With the purchase came major architectural modifications, reflecting Emery Holmes’ commitment to luxury. They continued to host extravagant gatherings at their winter residence for several years until 1922 when they decided to make it their permanent home.

Ms. Holmes, inspired by her European travels, enlisted the Postle Company of Los Angeles, famed builders of the Pasadena Playhouse, to transform the house into the English Tudor Revival Style mansion that stands today. This extensive remodeling came at a cost of $37,000, creating a home that bore little resemblance to its original design but was one of the most impressive residences in Pasadena.

“It is the quintessential Tudor home, conveying such luxury and romance that it takes you back to the days of old England,” said Dottie Ewing, chair of the 2024 Amenities Committee. “Our guests are sure to be in awe of this home.”

Starting in April 2024, more than 25,000 guests are expected to tour through 30 interior design and landscape spaces to highlight the latest trends in upscale lifestyle.

Guests can expect to see the popular Shops at Showcase offering a variety of boutiques and craft merchants, as well as several on-site restaurants serving hot meals, quick snacks, beer, wine and cocktails. Entertainment and programming are planned throughout the event featuring local musicians, docent-led garden tours, breakfast and lunch specials, and more.

The Pasadena Showcase House of Design is an essential fundraising benefit for the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that has supported local music and arts programs since 1948. During the 2022-2023 program year, the organization contributed $900,000 to 75 nonprofits Profitability that supports music and arts programs. To date, the group has contributed more than $25 million to nonprofit organizations, particularly through its gifts and grants program, to support music education, scholarships, concerts, and music therapy, while continuing to support the Los Angeles Phil.

The organization fosters the study and appreciation of music among youth through its three annual music programs: Music Mobile, which introduced orchestral instruments to more than 130,000 third-grade students; The music competition, which awarded more than $685,000 in prize money to exceptionally talented young musicians; and the Youth Concert, which brought approximately 255,000 fourth graders to Walt Disney Concert Hall for spirited performances by the L.A. Phil.

To purchase Golden Tickets valid on any day or time the house is open for tours, visit Insider Packages offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the transformation of Potter Daniels Manor with access to the Empty House Party in January and the Premiere Night Gala in April. Timed admission tickets will go on sale in early February.

To learn more about the 2024 Pasadena Design Fair, visit

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