David DeBape, on the witness stand, details the “grand plan” to violently interrogate Nancy Pelosi

On the stand, Debab accused one of his targets, Robin, of trying to set up “pedophile factories” outside schools across the United States.

Rubin, a professor of anthropology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan, has been the target of conspiracy theories from extremist YouTubers, writers and podcasters because of her pioneering academic work as an anthropologist writing about feminist and queer theory. Rubin also testified in court on Tuesday under the alias “Target 1,” and said her workplace took measures to ensure her safety after learning from the FBI that DiPepe intended to lure her to Pelosi’s home.

DePape had a slip of paper in his pocket with Rubin’s address and phone number on it when he arrived at Pelosi’s house last year. Debab’s lawyers handed Rubin that paper in court, and Rubin confirmed that it was her address and an old phone number that Debab intended to call after Pelosi’s kidnapping.

In fact, Dieppe said: “I was thinking of going to her house first. The reason was proximity. “It was the closest thing to Bart,” he said of Robin’s house. Ultimately, her home seemed too fortified, he said, and he settled on visiting Pelosi first.

Debab said Debab’s fascination with Robin arose from presenter James Lindsay, referring to the right-wing media personality.

“James Lindsay read her papers, and what I understand is that she is trying to turn our schools into sexual harassment factories,” DePape said, repeating baseless accusations that have long been proven to be rooted in bigotry against the LGTBQ community.

When he listened to Lindsay’s audio recordings of Robin, Debab said: “I was angry.”

Debab’s extremism was not limited to Robin.

Watercolor painting of an elderly woman with short gray hair standing on the witness stand next to the judge, facing another woman with curly hair.
Gayle Rubin, professor of anthropology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan (center), known to the court as “Target 1,” testifies on the witness stand, answering questions from federal public defender Jody Lenker (right), one of David DePape’s attorneys, in the courtroom In San Francisco on Tuesday. (Vicki Berenger for KQED)

He told the jury he came across most of his newfound political ideas after listening to mostly right-wing political YouTubers all weekends at a time and at least six hours a day on weekdays, including Lindsay, Jimmy Dore and Glenn Beck. He listened to YouTubers’ political speeches while playing silent video games for hours on end in the Richmond garage where he lived, which had no toilet, shower or bed.

Those podcasts introduced him to unfounded ideas that Tom Hanks raped a young girl, and that Rep. Adam Schiff was somehow connected to child traffickers. More traditional right-wing attacks on Democrats will mix with more extreme conspiracy theories as well.

“I love Hunter Biden. It’s like blatantly corrupt. “He doesn’t even try to hide his favoritism,” DePape said on the witness stand.

It was video games that first led Dieppe down the rabbit hole of far-right figures that he said revealed the truth to help him see “both sides of the story” in current events, and that eventually led him to believe a wide-ranging set of facts. Conspiracy theories.

DePape said he was searching for video game advice on YouTube when he first encountered information about “gamergate,” a nearly decade-old social media harassment campaign led by misogynistic male gamers who targeted and threatened violence against women in the gaming industry. the video. Depepe said he then began intensively researching many of their false claims about feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian, which led him to discover additional targets.

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