Dark Moon Switch version gets a new name and release window


  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, originally released on the Nintendo 3DS as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, is a sequel to 2001’s Luigi’s Mansion, and features new levels and missions for Luigi to undertake in his search for Mario.
  • The game will feature improved graphics and motion controls on the Nintendo Switch, with tools such as a Strobulb for startling ghosts and a variety of environmental hazards.
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will have a multiplayer mode called ScareScraper and will be released in Summer 2024 for the Nintendo Switch.

During the Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 14, Nintendo pulled back the curtain Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD With some new gameplay footage and a reveal of the game’s release window. It was originally released on Nintendo 3DS as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon In 2013, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD It will have improved graphics and motion controls that take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch controllers.

Although the game is a sequel to 2001 Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD It features a completely different set of levels and missions that Luigi must overcome in his search for Mario, who has disappeared once again. It takes place in the Evershed Valley, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD He gives the green-clad Ghostbuster new tools to work with as well as his trusty Poltergust. These gadgets range from a strobebulb that emits a powerful flash to stun ghosts, to a variety of environmental hazards that Luigi can take advantage of depending on the level. With each level centered around places like the greenhouse and the Ice Palace, Luigi is tasked with searching for parts of the Dark Moon and stopping King Boo once again.

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However, Nintendo fans will have to wait a while to get their hands on the game Luigi’s Mansion 2 HDas the game will not be released until summer 2024. The game was originally revealed during June 2023 on Nintendo Direct under its 3DS title. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. During September, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD He had a two-minute segment in the middle of the broadcast. Although most elements from the 3DS version are retained in terms of level design and objectives, they are user rendered Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Show an icon of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller at the bottom right. This may indicate that players can use the gyroscopic motion capabilities of the Pro Controller or Joy-Con to control the camera during certain levels.

Just like in the 3DS version, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD ScareScraper will be the main multiplayer mode. With each player controlling Luigi, ScareScraper will have players racing against the clock, and against each other, as they clear floors of ghosts, boos, and other horrific enemies they encounter. Although he won’t be out for another year, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Joins a growing list of Mario The game series is still under development.

In addition, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD It is the latest game from the 3DS collection to make its way to Switch. Only time will tell what other 3DS titles will make the transition to the Switch family of systems.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD It will be released in summer 2024 for Nintendo Switch.

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