Dalton Castle cuts a rambling promo about stopping Eddie Kingston’s heart

Dalton Castle is out of his mind, and it’s fantastic. The former ROH World Champion cut a rambling promo about stopping Eddie Kingston’s heart. This sounds terrible on the surface, but Castle’s motive is to give people the entertainment they crave.

Before we get to the trailer in question, here’s a different scene to set the context. Castle knows that television is better when he’s on screen, and he feels pressure to keep viewers happy. He will not allow anyone to stand in his way to achieve what people desire. The Ring of Honor is filled with a lot of ordinary things. It’s time for the peacock to make it extraordinary. This summary doesn’t do justice to Castle’s passion as a performer. His facial expressions and voice tones are art.

Fast forward to Episode 37 of ROH TV. Kingston was recent of a successful defense of his world title against Angelico. The show concluded with Castle delivering this promo.

Castle can’t let people like Kingston disrupt the airwaves. Kingston is wasting his chance as world champion with a lot of the ordinary. The castle has suffered from this for weeks. He’s coming for the ROH World Championship.

If you’re wondering why Castle has a bandage on his nose, the reason makes perfect sense. He was in the mood for cheese fondue at his favorite place. The store was closed, so he smashed the window with his face. Castle related this anecdote to the challenge facing Kingston. He will smash Kingston’s breastbone the same way he smashed the window to stop Kingston’s heart and become the new champion. The story of the castle is so absurd that it is laughable. He put on a show in just those two minutes with an animated show telling his story to set the mood for the match.

The world title match officially airs next week on episode 38 of ROH TV.

Since we’re on the subject of the castle, enjoy another one of his promotional gems. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. This chat happened after that Collision When he crashed The Acclaimed’s 69 Day celebration. Castle & The Boys failed in their attempt to win the AEW Triple Crown Championships.

Castle ruined the party, because they never answered his email to help with the festivities. The peacock was in pain after being hit in the head by the piñata. Castle was writhing on the floor and taking over the interview area as his makeshift dressing room.

Dalton Castle is a national treasure.

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